After Aaron Judge, All Eyes On Carlos Rodon? Will Yankees Be Able To Acquire Another Big Player?

Carlos Rodon

Ever since Aaron Judge denied the Yankees\’ offer to enter the free agency, he was the main target to acquire. But now, they have successfully accomplished the mission of re-signing Aaron. So now, they can look else and target different players. As per the reports, there are several players that the Yankees have their eyes on, and Carlos Rodon is one of the most prominent.

Are The Yankees Targetting Carlos Rodon? 

The first priority for New York Yankees has always been to keep Judge. The loss of Judge in free agency would have been devastating to New York, affecting the course of the club and either igniting a desperate spending binge or causing a gentle rebuild in the Bronx. Thus, the visit to the Winter Meetings for the Bombers was successful. 

Meanwhile, after acquiring Judge, the Yankees\’ general manager previously stated that they were on a clock. This indicated that the team was racing against time to hire a few more players. The team wants to fill all the gaps in their squad so that they have a better shot at next year\’s championship. 

Carlos Rodon

The Bronx Bombers had previously expressed a keen interest in the starting pitcher, Carlos Rodón. The best starting still available on the free market was what they attempted to acquire at the trade deadline. The Yankees would have a better chance of winning next season against any opponent, including those with explosive lineups if they added another ace to their rotation.

Although Rodon is just 30 years old, the Yankees want to keep him for a maximum of four or five years. It will be an exciting aim in a market where three players currently have contracts that will keep them until they are 40 years old. Despite having a history of injuries, Rodon was great and in good health in 2022. Before the Giants made the bold decision to hang onto him after the trade deadline, the Yankees had a chance to review his medical records. So even if there are problems, they are undoubtedly at ease.

Carlos Rodon

The Giants, on the other hand, have lots of cash since they were unable to sign Judge. They may thus attempt to make an offer for Rodon. However, the Yankees are hoping that Rodon will pick them. Several organizations, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, New York Mets, Minnesota Twins, and Baltimore Orioles. And maybe the Toronto Blue Jays have indicated an interest in Carlos Rodon. 

However, the Dodgers appear to prefer going short with most, the Rangers have already signed Jacob deGrom. And the Mets appear to be focusing on Brandon Nimmo and Kodai Senga. Consequently, the Yankees have a chance. It\’s true what they say about teams never having enough pitchers. But by making such changes, New York would be strengthening a section of its roster that was dependable and productive the previous year.

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