Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers center forward Anthony Davis was performing like an absolute beast before he was moved off the court following a viral illness. In the 2022 season, Davis has been the key performer behind the Lakers\’ success, with a stellar average of 27.3 points per game. However, since the Brow is down with a viral infection, the Lakers now find themselves in a vulnerable position. NBA pundit Charles Barkley also highlighted Davis\’ importance in the Lakers\’ squad! 

What Did Charles Barkley Say About Anthony Davis?

Anthony Davis has elevated the LA Lakers\’ playoff chances with his scorching play over the previous ten games. Before missing another game because of flu-like symptoms, he helped the club reach an 8-2 record. In that period, AD demonstrated the same caliber of play that led the Lakers to mortgage their future to acquire the former New Orleans Pelicans superstar. 

Anthony Davis And Charles Barkley

Former Houston Rockets star Charles Barkley recently talked about Anthony Davis. In reference to Davis\’s killing instinct, Barkley said that when you\’re a great player, you\’re going quickly while everyone else is moving slowly. And there\’s nothing anyone can do to change that. But it would help if you thought there was nothing they could do. He said that AD had such a mindset in New Orleans, and for some reason when he joined the Lakers following their victory, it appeared like that as well.

Anthony Davis routinely and unquestionably ranked among the NBA\’s top players during his time with the Pelicans and in his debut season with the LA Lakers. According to Barkley, Davis would rank as the league\’s best player for the next six to seven years. For whatever reason, the Hall of Famer\’s prophecy didn\’t materialize. Davis said that he had nothing further to prove after the Lakers won the 2020 NBA championship. He no longer played with an attitude, as it was no longer him.

Anthony Davis

He had lost performance during the previous two years, undoubtedly a result of injuries. But he\’s also been out of shape all season and seems uninterested. Even Kevin Garnett criticized AD for not living up to expectations. Anthony Davis\’ passion has been greatly rekindled following the disaster of last season and a 2-10 start. He averaged 34.2 points, 15.4 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and 1.3 steal before the Cleveland Cavaliers game. Davis had a field-goal percentage of 63.3%, including a deep-range percentage of 41.7%.

LeBron James has been playing second fiddle after AD\’s recent streak of performances in the LA Lakers\’ success. Currently, Darvin Ham has his recipe. Davis\’ extreme aggression and determination to be the Lakers\’ franchise player must be maintained. The head coach must only hope. Davis should be able to recover from the flu, especially given that it is unrelated to Codi. Thus there should be no need for concern. AD\’s back will be of particular concern because of how frequently the Lakers have listed him as having a strained lower back.

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