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Aaron Judge has been carrying the Yankees\’ side on his shoulders for the majority of the MLB 2022 season. Thanks to his streak of home runs, Aaron guided the Yankees to secure a spot in the playoffs. Meanwhile, as Judge\’s contract is set to expire after the end of the ongoing season, many Yankees fans have been concerned about whether they will see Judge in Pinstripe Blues in the future. However, now, some eagle-eyed fans are considering Aaron\’s pre-game outfit as a hint about his landing spot in 2023.

What Does Aaron Judge\’s Pre-Game Outfit Suggest?

Aaron Judge, the standout player for the New York Yankees, is having a historic season. However, by the end of the current campaign, Judge\’s deal with the Yankees will expire. This previous offseason, the outfielder made the decision to stake his future on himself, rejecting the Yankees\’ fair contract offer of roughly $235 million. Instead, he decided to pursue a whooping $300+ million on the open market.


When asked about this situation, Judge stated that he would adore remaining a Yankee for the rest of his life as long as the chance reappears this winter and comes with an acceptable price tag. The slugger said that he would reserve discussion of the deal until the offseason.

On the other hand, with his pre-game clothing on Monday before the Yankees\’ AL East game against the Blue Jays in Toronto, Judge brought another layer of excitement to the rumors. When this three-game series began, Judge was sporting a \”New York or Nowhere\” hoodie after hitting his 60th home run during the team\’s flawless home stand. But this time also, Aaron Judge fell short of tying or passing Roger Maris. To many fans and experts, this is a clear indication of Aaron\’s intention to keep his associations with the Yankees going in the future. 

Barry Bonds Reckons On Judge\’s HR Slump!


Aaron Judge is practically knocking on the door to create history in this season. The outfielder is just one home run away from matching Roger Maris\’ 61-home run single-season total for the Yankees and American League. But the clock is ticking. Judge hasn\’t hit a home run since September 20, and there are nine regular-season games remaining for the Yankees.

However, Barry Bonds believed that Yankees and Aaron\’s fans have no reason to be worried just yet. The former Pittsburgh Pirates player featured on the \’KayRod Cast\’ during Sunday\’s game. Bonds acknowledge how particularly hard it is to cross the line by hitting that one Home Run. He mentioned, \”Trying to get to that 61 is the hardest one. Trying to get to that one. But once Aaron Judge gets to it, he\’s probably going to hit five or six in a row after that.\” 

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