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They say work until your icons are your competitors, and that is exactly what has happened to New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge in this season of the MLB. Aaron created history by hitting 62 home runs in a single season in the American League. Judge might not have realized what he had done while he was busy making history. However, after the season came to an end and everything had sunk in, the slugger himself has been left stunned by the weight of his historical milestone.  

Aaron Judge Awed By His Own Achievements!

The 62 home runs Aaron Judge hit, which put his name in the record books, sent the entire baseball community into a frenzy. He is the only player with his name on the American League and New York Yankees home run records, among many other places. But it wasn\’t just Yankees fans and Judge\’s teammates who were stunned by the slugger\’s feat. Judge is also amazed at what he has achieved this season.

Aaron Judge

Recently, during a conversation, Aaron Judge revealed how great it feels to be named in the same sentence with all-time baseball greats like Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, and Mickey mantle. Judge was quoted saying, \”Ruth, Mantle, Maris. You never imagined as a kid getting mentioned with them.\”

He is not only compared to them but also recorded as having achieved more than they have. With a two-run home run against the Minnesota Twins, he equaled Mickey Mantle\’s previous mark of 54. In addition, Judge equaled Babe Ruth with a single home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the bottom of the ninth, sparking a five-run comeback. Then Aaron hit another two-run home run to tie Maris against the Toronto Blue Jays. He subsequently exceeded them with a single home run to start the 161st game against the Texas Rangers.

Yankees Fan Are Over The Moon As Judge Is Crowned MVP!

In development, that isn\’t really surprising; Aaron Judge, a great outfielder for the New York Yankees, has been named the American League MVP for 2022. He triumphed against two-way wonder Shohei Ohtani to become the 15th Yankee to receive the honor. Ohtani garnered just two first-place votes compared to Judge\’s 28. The MVP election was not as closely contested as anticipated. Since Alex Rodriguez\’s achievement in 2007, he was the first Yankee to receive the honor.

The Yankees\’ fans are fired up after the superstar won the MVP award. There has been a flood of congratulations and wishes for Judge. After the ALCS heartbreak against the Astros, they are now getting some well-deserved joy. The only thing they want now is for Aaron Judge to return to the Bronx for the future. And from what we know so far, this could actually happen in the days to come.

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