Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

At the start of 2022, point guard Russell Westbrook was going through poor form. As a result, there were several questions about his place on the Lakers\’ side. Around the same time, rumors began to spread that the LA Lakers were looking to trade Westbrook. Meanwhile, over the past few weeks, Westbrook has regained his form and proved his importance in the team\’s playing squad. However, with Thomas Bryant\’s return, the Russell Westbrook saga might have taken a new turn.

What\’s Next For Russell Westbrook Trade As Thomas Bryant Has Returned?

Some significant reinforcements for the Los Angeles Lakers should arrive in the upcoming days. When they do, Thomas Bryant and Dennis Schroder will significantly impact the Lakers\’ rotation since they are both on schedule to make their returns shortly. Darvin Ham confirmed what many had anticipated when he revealed after practice on Thursday that both Dennis Schröder and Thomas Bryant will play in Friday\’s game against the Detroit Pistons. Almost definitely, the duo will return, possibly even with LeBron James.

Thomas Bryant

Despite neither player being a household name, their contributions to this team are crucial in light of the difficulties the purple and gold have faced in the early going. Kendrick Nunn and Patrick Beverley, two underwhelming players, will be able to give up playing time at guard because of Schroder.

In contrast, Bryant will provide the Lakers with a playable five to pair with Anthony Davis. Although fans have often criticized AD for not wanting to be a five, it is obvious that his full-time dedication to effectively being the five this year is unsustainable. The team will benefit when AD wants to use three-guard lineups by getting a true five in addition to him.

Russell Westbrook

There is little doubt that the talk of trading Russell Westbrook has cooled recently. However, since the conclusion of the 2021–22 season, it has been the major Los Angeles Lakers plot. There have been several such trade offers for Westbrook. Thomas Bryant\’s return to the club may bring the most significant prospective deal, including Buddy Hield and Myles Turner come.

There was briefly some talk about the Utah Jazz and the New York Knicks at that time. And it appeared certain that Kyrie Irving would sign with Los Angeles at some point. The majority of the trade options have been thoroughly discussed by the time the day is done. Since it would be extremely beneficial for them to make a deal, the Charlotte Hornets have long been a prospective suitor for Russell Westbrook. Charlotte won\’t be leaving anytime soon. So, by trading for Westbrook\’s contract, which is about to expire, they could save some future cash.

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