Aaron Judge Plays Fake Among New York Yankees Audience? Derek Jeter Talks About AL MVP In An Interview

Aaron Judge Derek Jeter

Former Yankees\’ captain Derek Jeter is often regarded as one of the most iconic baseball stars not only for the Yankees but in the entire MLB arena. The Bombers legend retired in 2014 and left a hole in the Yankees\’. But, over the past few years, Aaron Judge is proving to be a contender for Jetter\’s legacy. The Yankees\’ have been without a captain ever since Derek\’s retirement. And now many believe that Judge will soon take Jetter\’s place as the skipper of the Bronx Bombers. Meanwhile, Jeter has talked about Aaron Judge in a recent with TIME magazine. 

Derek Jeter Claims Time Will Expose Aaron Judge

The New York Yankees veteran Jeter is frequently contrasted with superstar Aaron Judge. The All-Star was forthright in his discussion of Judge and the difficulty of deceiving New Yorkers with pretenses of humility. Derek Jeter recently brought up Aaron Judge in an interview with TIME magazine.

Aaron Judge And Derek Jeter

While talking about humbleness and humility, Jeter remarked, \”Ultimately, if you\’re artificial, time will expose you. You can\’t fake out New Yorkers. You either mean it, or you don\’t, and it appears to me that he means it.\”

Jeter also thinks Judge has admitted that he never attempted to impersonate anybody on the field and that he has always been true to himself whenever he gripped the bat at home plate. Derek said that he respects Aaron for having the guts to take a chance on himself by signing as a free agent. Moreover, in the interview, Derek Jeter opened up about how his personal life has been after retirement from the sport. 


When Derek Jeter played baseball, he was only ever concerned with his profession. He did have a number of romantic relationships, but none of them became serious. But after retiring, he had a fresh outlook on life and a new set of objectives. Jeter consistently highlighted the importance of good parenting and family values. He always gave his parents credit for helping him reach his professional heights. He has also frequently spoken about having his parents by his side at crucial times. Thus, Jeter desired to do the same in his own life. Jeter delayed getting married and raising a family until after retirement.

Two years after his retirement, Derek Jeter wed his supermodel girlfriend, Hannah Davis, in 2016. Since then, the couple has given birth to three daughters: River Rose, Story Grey, and Bella Raine. Jeter now has goals centered on expanding his family since he is a loving parent.

Derek Jeter spent his entire 20-year Major League Baseball career with the Yankees. He received 396 of the 397 votes in 2020, his first year of eligibility, to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. This was the best percentage by a position player in MLB history and the second-highest overall.

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