Yankees\’ HUGE Initial Offer For Carlos Rodon Fell Short, Fans Want Bombers To Land The Pitcher Anyhow

Carlos Rodon

Aaron Judge\’s future in the MLB has been determined following a nine-year contract with the Yankees. But since then, Carlos Rodon has been the center of interest for MLB teams. Several high-profile MLB franchises are looking to hire Rodon to make their roaster more powerful. And once again, the Yankees seemingly appear to be ahead of the rest. Previously, there were reports that the team was preparing an official offer for the player. But can the Yankees really seal the deal? Keep reading to find out.

Where Do The Yankees stand In The Race For Carlos Rodon?

The new free agency target, Carlos Rodon, has accepted the Yankees\’ opening bid. And rumor has it that there is a significant gap between the two sides, with much work left to be done. There are rumors that the top left-hander wants a contract worth at least $30 million a year for seven years or longer. However, it appears that the Yankees originally had different plans.

Carlos Rodon

Despite the divide, Carlos Rodon remains the Yankees\’ first goal. And over the following several days, Both parties are anticipated to work on potential agreements. Rodon supposedly wants to move to New York, according to the Yankees. However, if they are unable to resolve their disagreement, they can choose Nate Eovaldi, a former Yankee, as their next option. In Yankee Stadium, Rodon has a few advantages, one of which is that he is left-handed.

The Yankees appear eager to close the gap after Aaron Judge made suggestions for improvements when he re-signed for $360 million nine years earlier this month. They also think that despite having a number of other options, Miami native Carlos Rodon, known for his toughness, may desire to play for the Yankees. Looks like players\’ preference for New York over San Francisco and other cities has been a recurring issue this winter.

The Giants, Twins, and several other teams have been connected to Carlos Rodon, who is unquestionably the best starting still available. And the Cardinals are also participating in the auction. Sean Manaea and Ross Stripling are the two starters that the Giants have signed in quick succession. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, they may still be interested in Rodon. He pitched 178 innings in 2022 for the Giants, recording a 2.88 ERA and 237 strikeouts.

Carlos Rodón

According to sources, free agent pitcher Carlos Rodon wants to sign with the New York Yankees. Bronx Bombers supporters were on the edge of their seats when they heard Rodon wanted to wear the Yankee pinstripes moving forward. Rodon has put a stop to past questions about his endurance by playing 55 games over the last two seasons.

As the New York Mets, who play across town, have dominated the headlines throughout the free agency season, it has been difficult for Yankees supporters to stay patient. Without a doubt, the Yankees\’ fan base is in need of a quality acquisition. Only the retention of ace outfielder Aaron Judge is their lone reassurance.

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