Aaron Judge (New York Yankees)
Aaron Judge (New York Yankees)

Ever since Aaron Judge\’s contract with the Yankees came to an end after the end of the 2022 MLB season, the drama about the slugger\’s future has been going on like a soap opera for several weeks now. But now it seems like we might finally be approaching the finale of this dramatic tale of Judge\’s future. We know that the star rejected both the initial and revised offer by the Yankees to enter the free agency. Meanwhile, on Thursday, after Judge has been crowned the American League MVP, the Yankees GM Brian Cashman revealed that the team had offered Judge a new deal. 

Yankees Have A New Offer For Aaron Judge!

Judge famously declined the final offer from the Yankees, which was for seven years and $213 million, during spring training. Since then, it has been unclear where Judge will be spending the upcoming season. Thursday was the first time since spring training that Brian Cashman publicly acknowledged that the team had made another contract proposal to Judge.


Before the start of the season, the team\’s offer of a seven-year deal to Aaron Judge was rejected by him. Aaron went on to have a record-breaking season in which he broke the team\’s and the AL\’s home run records. However, Judge was unwilling to bargain while the game was still in progress. The day after New York\’s campaign came to a conclusion, the club contacted him about a new deal. The Yankees\’ chairman Hal Steinbrenner also acknowledged that he and Judge have spoken to one another several times since the end of the season.

Judge has been rather quiet about his plans, despite the Yankees\’ aggressive attempts to lure him back to New York. In the past, the right fielder expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play for the side. However, when it came to expressing his emphasis on free agency, he chose a more tactful approach.

Aaron Judge

Cashman did not disclose the specifics of the more recent deal or the timing of it. But he did publicly divulge the conditions of the spring training offer Judge rejected. The GM issued a warning, noting that he is unaware of Judge\’s market. He claimed to be unaware of the alternative offers Judge is considering or the aspects of a contract that are most significant to Judge.

Since being selected by the Yankees in the 2013 amateur draft, Aaron Judge has spent the majority of his baseball career with the team. The Giants were Judge\’s favorite team when he was growing up in Northern California. They are widely thought to be his top destination if he leaves the Yankees.

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