SNI previously reported that MLB has been investigating the violation of Free agency rules in regard to Aaron Judge and Justin Verlander. We know that MLB teams are not allowed to discuss the future of free agents outside the trading period. Meanwhile, New York Yankees and New York Mets are deemed to be violating this. As a result, MLB\’s governing body has fined both teams.

MLB Fines The Mets And The Yankees!

It is evident that no MLB can debate the future of unsigned free agents like Aaron Judge or Justin Verlander unless it is the trading window. An excerpt from the website of the Mets television station was included in a story by The Athletic. They imply that there was a Judge-related conversation between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets.


Recently becoming a free agent, the slugger\’s future is still uncertain. Later on Thursday, he\’ll presumably receive the American League MVP Award for his record-breaking season. And likely sign the highest-paying deal in baseball history. While private discussions between teams are permitted, the MLB strictly prohibits their publication.


The MLB Players Association encouraged the league to look into the apparent rule breach after the publication disclosed that there may have been communication between the two franchises. Following policy, the MLB is required to ask for copies of any communications, including emails, texts, and phone calls, between teams and media organizations. In order to conduct a thorough inquiry. No one participating in the free agency process can speak to the media about the worth of free agents who are yet unsigned.

The media is not permitted to report on a free agent\’s potential future. In the professional world of baseball, this practice is called collusion. The implicated free agent is unprotected in any trade made public. It complicates the selection of which team to play for next. There is definitely a conflict of interest here.


However, in addition to the Yankees and Mets, there are other teams as well under the scanner of MLB. The same thing happened when Astros owner Jim Crane, our favorite sly Texan and baseball\’s new Jerry Jones, mentioned this week that Justin Verlander is allegedly looking for money from Max Scherzer.

After rejecting the Yankees\’ seven-year, $213.5 million extension offer before Opening Day, Judge became a free agent last week. With 62 home runs, the outfielder went on to set an American League record. This put him in a position for a deal of around $300 million.

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