Aaron Judge

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Aaron Judge Facing Major Cheating Allegations From The Jays, Yankees’ Captain Issues Clarification

New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, with his team, arrived in Toronto, Canada, to participate in a four-game series against the sturdy Toronto Blue Jays. Being crushed in the previous meetup, the Bronx Bombers intended to settle the scores. The first game commenced on Monday, and the Yankees’ offense exploded to record a 7-4 victory. Apparently, a unique pitching strategy helped to hold off the runs as well. So overall, it was a high-quality game of baseball.

Aaron Judge, the Yankees captain, stole the show with another multi-homer game. He smoked two home runs, including a 462-foot towering hit. However, his heroics were overshadowed by the Blue Jays’ TV broadcaster, who indirectly leveled a wild accusation on the slugger. It created a lot of stir and social media, which encouraged Judge to issue a clarification. The controversy, however, is unlikely to die own any time soon.


Aaron Judge’s Unusual Glance At Dug Out Lands Him In Hot Waters

Aaron Judge
New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge, right, celebrates after his opposite-field home run against Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Alek Manoah (not shown) during first-inning baseball game action in Toronto, Ontario, Monday, May 15, 2023. (Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press via AP)

New York Yankees star slugger, Aaron Judge, has been accused of sorting to unfair means during his at-bat against the Blue Jays. So here’s the play. In the eighth inning, the Yankees were leading 6-0 when the slugger arrived on the plate for his at-bat. He got wrongfully called on a second strike which irked the Yankees manager, who stormed onto the field to protest. As a consequence, the skipper was tossed. Later, Judge resumed with his at-bat and smoked a gigantic 462-foot homer off Jays reliever Jay Jackson. Things got weirder shortly after.

Sportsnet TV, the official broadcaster of the game, showed replays in which Aaron Judge was seen glancing at the Yankees dugout while talking his stride. The Blue Jays commentators, Dan Shulman and Buck Martinez, found it odd and indirectly hinted at a larger conspiracy. Nobody said anything which directly links the slugger to cheating, but all eyes pointed in the same direction. Blue Jays manager addressed the issue and said Judge was definitely looking at his bench for a reason, and he will dive deeper into it later. The glance certainly seemed unusual, but the Yankees star has a viable explanation for it.

Aaron Judge Clears Air On His Viral “Glance” That Caused A Major Controversy

Aaron Judge
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After a massive uproar on social media, Yankees captain Aaron Judge has issued a clarification and revealed the reason behind glancing at his teammates in the Yankees dugout. During the post-game presser, a reporter popped up the question to which the slugger looked confused. Later the reporter elaborated on the question to which Judge said his teammates were chirping a lot which messed with his concentration at the plate. The Yankee players were apparently yelling at the plate umpire for tossing Aaron Boone.

However, Aaron Judge believes one should not resort to such means when the team is leading 6-0. Yes, Boone got ejected, but it’s part of the game. Hence, the slugger was glancing to know which players were chirping so that he could have a word with them after the game. Judge added he talked to the boys afterward, and these things won’t happen again. The Yankees captain cleared his stand and issued a viable explanation. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if Blue Jays will buy it.