Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge leaps and robs Teoscar Hernández’s home run. Twitter NYY

New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, earned the title of “Home Run King” last season after scripting history by hitting 62 homers. It also earned him an AL-MVP award, a $360 million contract, and the captaincy of a 27-time World Series champion team. However, for Judge, the game of baseball is much more than just power-hitting.

Traditionally a right field outfielder, Aaron Judge takes a lot of pride in his elite athleticism and defense plays. Since his debut in 2016 to the day he got injured at the Dodgers stadium, Judge was second in the majors with 58 runs saved in right field despite being only 11th in innings played, according to Sports Info Solutions. However, sadly, the elite defender may not get to take the field again, at least for this season.


Aaron Judge Might Be Restricted To DH Role If He Returns This Season!

New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge watches during the first inning of a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles, Monday, July 3, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

In a casual clubhouse conversation, Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, said that he never wanted to be just an offensive player who is an utter liability on the defense. He wanted to become a complete team player who helped the pitchers in saving some runs on the field. That mindset led the slugger to work his way up in the field to become the elite outfield defender he is today. In his career so far, the outfielder has had many awe-inspiring moments on the field. He has saved some precious runs and also pulled off sensational catches. One such catch landed him in trouble on June 4 when he crashed into the fence of the Dodgers stadium.

That very catch tore the ligament of his right toe, which led to an ongoing five weeks of absence. While Aaron Judge has vowed to return to the batter’s box this season, his return to the field is under serious doubt. As per Judge, he will need surgery during the off-season to completely heal off the toe. Hence, with lingering pain, the Yankees wouldn’t want to risk anything. The Yankees captain will most likely be restricted to DH’s role once he returns this season. That certainly means the Yanks will miss a potent defender in the right field, which could prove damaging. Regardless, the team needs him offensively more than anything. With a playoff berth on the line, the Bombers could use anything Judge had to offer.

Judge Has Resumed Running Four Weeks After Sustaining Toe Injury!

Aaron Judge
Judge circles the bases after a home run against the Dodgers. Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire/AP

Meanwhile, Aaron Judge has not given up yet. Apart from playing catch and hitting off a tee, the Yankees captain has begun running activities. As per team manager Aaron Boone, Judge did some activities on the treadmill and is apparently running at 80% of his capacity. While his return to the outfield is unlikely, Judge is adamant about making efforts. He says his being half-healthy is not going to help the team in any way.

Ultimately, the Yankees couldn’t care less about the defense right now. The offense is literally dead. The lineup, excluding Aaron Judge, is failing to score against a pitcher whose ERA is close to 7. Hence, the offense revival is a must in the second half if the team wishes to move into the postseason this year. And for that, the captain has to return to the plate at some point.