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Shohei Ohtani is a rare talent who excels both as a hitter and a pitcher. Since bursting into the scene in 2018, the two-way player has become one of the most talented players to exist in MLB. Currently, in contract with the Los Angeles Angles, Ohtani is set to enter free agency next off-season, where his market value is estimated to rise to $600 million. That will make him the costliest player after Yankees captain Aaron Judge.

However, the Angles might choose to trade him before that. Realistically, they cannot match his payroll by any means. Hence, rather than losing him to free agency for nothing, the Angles might choose to trade him for something. As the trade deadline is inching closer, various landing spots for Shohei Ohtani have started to emerge, including the New York Yankees.


Yankees Need To Land Shohei Ohtani At Trade Deadline To Ensure World Series Win!

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The New York Yankees are seemingly looking to buy at the upcoming trade deadline. With an injured captain and dead offense, the team needs fresh faces up to uplift their campaign in the crucial second half of the season. Meanwhile, Angles’ two-way player Shohei Ohtani has been linked several times to the Yanks in the past. But, his high asking price made him an unattainable candidate. Having said that, if the Bombers remain willing to empty the farm system, they could stand a real chance. Amid these rumors and speculations, a renowned ESPN analyst has explained why the Bronx is a prime landing spot for Ohtani.

Appearing on a show called “Get Up,” ESPN’s Buster Olney said that the Yankees are the ‘most motivated’ to trade Shohei Ohtani during the trade deadline. The reason is that the team is desperate for a World Series title. On top of that, Gerrit Cole, Aaron Judge, and Giancarlo Stanton are middle age players who remain in the prime of their careers. Hence, if the Yanks will ever stand a chance at winning a ring, it would be now. Adding Ohtani to this roster will make it the strongest and most formidable lineup. Buster also pointed out that the dynamics of Yankee Stadium suits left-hand players like Ohtani. It would help the two-way player bring his best out in the pinstripes. All things considered, if Ohtani is made available by the Angles during the trade deadline, the Yanks should stay prepared to pay any price.

Shohei Ohtani Looks Poised To Claim Aaron Judge’s Home Run Throne!

New York Yankees star Aaron Judge, left, and Angels star Shohei Ohtani are the frontrunners for the 2022 AL MVP award. (Adam Hunger; Alex Gallardo / Associated Press)

Yankees captain Aaron Judge rattled Shohei Ohtani last season when he took away the American League MVP award. Judge’s historic 62 home run record gave him an edge over Ohtani’s two-way skills. However, it seems the two-way player is back to reclaim his possession. At the time of this writing, Ohtani is leading the AL home run charts with 32 towering hits to his name.

Moreover, if Shohei Ohtani stays healthy and goes on to play every single game from here on, he could break Aaron Judge’s historic home run record. That would not only earn him the MVP title but also the home run title. With the Yankees captain serving time on IL, Ohtani will face no competition moving forward.