Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

In the world of sports, rumors and speculation often swirl around star players, particularly when it comes to their availability and potential return from injuries. New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge has been caught in the same web since he got injured at the Dodgers stadium. The incident took place on June 4, and Judge has been MIA ever since.

Aaron Judge sustained a toe injury after his right foot crashed into the concrete slab of the stadium fence. Toe injuries are very tricky, and Judge happened to tear the ligament tissue of the toe, which makes it even more severe. Amid this, rumors flared up that the Yankees captain might return after the All-Star break, which is supposed to end on Friday. However, the team’s top official has come forward to quash any such speculation.


Yankees GM Puts An End To Aaron Judge’s Immediate Return Speculation!

Aaron Judge
New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge walks on the field before a baseball game against the Oakland Athletics in Oakland, Calif., Monday, Sept. 3, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Aaron Judge’s return timeline is the most discussed topic in Major League Baseball currently. The Yankees captain has been on IL for over six weeks, and there are yet no signs of return. Naturally, the rumor mill remains filled with wild rumors and speculations. From the club’s end, they have maintained that he will return at some point in the second half, which is to commence on Friday. But a fixed date is to up fans’ imaginations. Amid this, rumors flared up that Judge might return immediately after the All-Star break. The break will end on Friday as the Yankees resume the second half of the season against Colorado Rockies.

However, Yankees boss and general manager Brian Cashman has burst the rumor bubble. He said the team has no timetable for Judge’s return. While he has resumed a minimal level of field activities, there are still a lot more steps remaining to even dream of a return. Cashman added that Aaron Judge is yet to resume running on bases. Once he crosses that hurdle, the slugger will need to play rehab games before returning to the lineup. However, the GM did confirm that Judge will surely return at some point in the latter half of the 2023 MLB season. That should be enough to put an end to all the rumors of Judge’s return after the All-Star break.

Where Did The Rumor Originate?


The immediate return rumor of Aaron Judge flared up when Yankees skipper, Aaron Boone’s brother, Bret Boone, issued a bold claim. In a podcast, Bret said that he has heard grumbling rumors of Judge returning immediately after the All-Star break. Moreover, in the same podcast, Bret opened up on why the Yanks manager is keeping mum on the slugger’s return timeline.

Bret Boone explained that since day 1 of the injury, Aaron Boone had decided to maintain his silence on Aaron Judge’s return updates. He believes that the Yankees skipper does not want to instill fake hope among the fans just to let them down later. Hence, until and unless the skipper is absolutely certain, he will not come out with a specific date.