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New York Yankees baseman Aaron Judge is having a season for the ages with an impeccable home run streak. He has been the heart and soul of the Yankees in the season. But, it is also a truth that his contract with the Yankees is coming to an end as the current season finishes. Even though the Yankees tried to keep Judge for further seasons, he chose to bet on himself, aiming to become a free agent after the season. So now, the big question is; will the Yankees go all guns blazing to reacquire Aaron after the season? Keep reading to find out.

How Much Aaron Judge Can Get In Free Agency?

The American League MVP front-runner Aaron Judge is completing a historic year. He is aiming for the Triple Crown and Roger Maris\’ single-season home run record. The Yankees\’ offer to Judge is among the best in the MLB, and it is difficult to find anything better. However, after the wonders that Aaron Judge has done in the current season with his Home Runs stream, nothing is impossible.


A seven-year agreement for over $213.5 million was made to the New York Yankees superstar with free agency looming the following year. Judge declined a contract, meanwhile, which would have given him an annual salary of almost $30 million. Nearly six months after, the Yankees made a fair offer to Judge during spring training. He has accomplished what previously appeared impossible. He has increased his wealth as a result.

The fact that Aaron Judge is presently having his greatest season puts him in the lead for the American League MVP award this year. It was a risk for Judge to sign as a free agent. But it appears to have paid off handsomely in the end. Alex Rodriguez, a former Yankee and current analyst for ESPN, thinks that Judge\’s MVP-caliber season may have just helped him land the first $50 million/year deal in MLB history. 


Teams pay for success in the future, not the performance in the past. Though Judge this year increased his estimated awning. Based on everything we know, it seems safe to say that Judge will not be looking at a deal of fewer than 300 million dollars. Meanwhile, other than the Yankees, several other teams will also be interested in recruiting Aaron Judge for the coming seasons. The includes teams like Mets, Giants, and even Dodgers, among many others.

Right present, Aaron Judge is on track to finish the year with 65 home runs. Roger Maris presently holds the American League record for the most home runs in a season with 61. Aaron is in excellent condition right now, though, so it seems probable that he will break the record.

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