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The viral photo from Bronny James and his white prom date has taken the NBA social media by storm. The eldest son of LeBron James posted a picture with his prom date on Instagram, which led to a big controversy leading to fans making racist comments on social media. Bronny is a junior at Sierra Canyon School. The 17-year-old attended the dance with his classmate, Peyton Felfuso. The younger James wore a blue and black patterned tuxedo, while his date wore a beautiful white dress. However, fans on social media were not happy with Bronny\’s decision to take a light-skinned girl to a prom. They also referred to Peyton as a gold digger and a money-hungry white girl. Bronny arrived in a $326,000 custom Mercedes GT sports car, and his social media pictures led to trolling and throwing racist abuse at the youngster for his decision.

Bronny has been in the spotlight almost all his life as he is the son of LeBron James. No matter if Bronny makes it as big as his dad, he will always be a celebrity. However, the focus shifted even more to the youngster when LeBron shared that he would love to play alongside Bronny before retiring from NBA. James\’ son is a four-star prospect of Sierra\’s 2023 class and has been repeatedly linked to schools like Ohio State, Texas, UCLA, Duke, and Kentucky. 


The youngster still has a season of college basketball left to play before he moves onto the NCAA. Bronny is eyeing a 2024 Draft to his father\’s team, so he can make it to the league in LeBron\’s presence. However, the situation escalated for the worst after Bronny and his date\’s photos went viral. It had led to a Journalist attacking LeBron James about the controversy that involves his son Bronny.

Ex-NFL Quarterback Defends Bronny James

Bronny received a lot of backlash for bringing a white girl to his prom. The unfortunate incident led to a big controversy. Troy blamed the media for targetting Bronny. He accused the media of tweeting completely racist things about the youngster when he took a white girl to his prom. Moreover, Troy added, \”I\’m saying you guys need more fueling it for your future, how you treat LeBron.\”

Meanwhile, the journalist disagreed with Troy\’s claims and explained that there was not a single journalist who actually responded. Moreover, the reporter stated that no media person is asking Bronny about,\”\’why are you with the \”Beck Beckington? And has your father gotten to page three of Malcolm?\”

Bronny James

The journalist further argued that most of LeBron\’s media perception is positive because his goodwill has been amplified. And the truth has been covered. If Bronny makes it to the NBA, he will be questioned by the media every step of his career. This is because, being LeBron\’s son is not easy. Thus Bronny will have to learn to cope with the unnecessary allegations and try to focus on his basketball career.

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