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Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes’ unshakeable bond ceased to exist in the aftermath of two difficult seasons. As Lewis’ patience ran out, he chose to jump ships to Ferrari following the conclusion of this year. However, what led to a fallout behind the scenes still remains a mystery to the F1 fanbase.

Since the announcement of the breakup, both parties have continued to be professional and respectful towards one another. However, the latest season of the Netflix documentary ‘Drive To Survive’ shed light on the events that perhaps led to Lewis Hamilton’s frustration. Apparently, he narrated an incident of disrespect, which could have acted as the last straw. But what was that? Keep reading to find out.


Lewis Hamilton Claims On Being Disrespected By Mercedes Engineers!

Lewis Hamilton

In an interesting clip from the Netflix documentary ‘Drive To Survive’ season 6, Mercedes star driver Lewis Hamilton recalled an incident with the team engineers that took him by surprise. The Silver Arrows’ never-ending struggle with W13 and W14 has been second to none. And in the wake of the team’s downward trend, Hamilton chipped in with some invaluable advice based on his experience to guide the engineers in the right direction. He narrated the conversation, wherein he told the team to make some necessary changes as the trajectory was a sure recipe for disaster in Lewis’ eyes. However, Hamilton recalled that the engineers told him not to meddle in their affairs as they thought they were doing the right thing.

I remember they said, like, we know what we’re doing, you’re wrong. And that was definitely an interesting moment,” said Lewis Hamilton. The stern reply caught the British driver by surprise, and he chose to take a step back. Lewis added that he didn’t intend to step on anybody’s toes, but the conversation opened his eyes. Ironically, once the season began, Mercedes came to its senses and realized that Hamilton had been right all along. “When we got into the season, then we spoke again [they said] ‘Oh, maybe you were right,‘” said Hamilton. The seven-time World Champion had been critical of the W14’s performance all season long in 2023. Apparently, his advice was repeatedly ignored, even during the construction of the upgrade package. The alleged disrespect could have turned Lewis’ relationship and outlook towards his team sour. As the new season of DTS unfolds, we expect more bombshells to drop in the coming days.

Hamilton Admits Having Lost The Feeling Of Winning!

Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton walks back to the pits at the Qatar Grand Prix. Planet F1

In the latest episode of DTS, Lewis Hamilton shared his honest take on Mercedes extended struggle. Lewis, who has now gone without a race win for over 24 months, admits to having forgotten the feel of a win. “I can’t really remember winning. I don’t remember what that feeling is,” said Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton last won a race in the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix in 2021. Ironically, the seven-time world champion holds the record for most race wins and pole positions in the history of the sport of F1. However, Mercedes’ struggles with new regulations dropped Lewis to absolute rock bottom.

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