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REPORTS: Drive To Survive’s Latest Season Ignores Red Bull & Max Verstappen’s Dominant 2023 Run!

Red Bull Racing’s racing beast, Max Verstappen’s 2023 F1 season campaign, was nothing short of sensational. Owing to RB19’s prowess, expectations were high for the Dutch driver as he aimed to defend his title. Verstappen wasted no time in asserting his dominance on the grid and defended his title comfortably.

Not just Max Verstappen but also Red Bull Racing delivered an invincible season. They won 22 of the 23 race weekends on the calendars to establish a new era of dominance. However, the Netflix documentary ‘Drive To Survive’ the latest season surrounding the 2023 F1 year, seems to have ignored the drink-based outfit and the Dutchman’s dominant run completely.


DTS-Season 6 To Focus On Mid-Field & Underdog Battles

Lewis Hamilton

“Drive to Survive” is a documentary series produced by Netflix that provides an in-depth and behind-the-scenes look into the world of F1 racing. Launched in 2019, the series has become immensely popular among F1 fans and general audiences alike for its compelling storytelling and dramatic narratives. Having said that, the documentary is set to release its sixth season, which revolves around the 2023 F1 season. The new season will drop on February 23 and will consist of 10 episodes. As per the trailer released, the season is expected to focus on the resurgence of mid-field and underdog battles. From McLaren’s second-half meteoric rise to Lewis Hamilton’s future uncertainty, everything will be covered. Additionally, Aston Martin and Alpine’s underdog battle will also receive equal screen space.

However, the ones who ruled the sport in 2023 are actively missing from the DTS season six trailer. Red Bull and Max Verstappen were nowhere to be found. Despite his remarkable achievements on the track, Verstappen’s dominant 2023 campaign received limited coverage in the latest season of “Drive to Survive.” It stems from the Dutch driver’s reluctance towards the dramatic documentary. Notably, Max initially refused to be a part of the series since he alleged the producers were faking rivalries. However, after he won the championship, he agreed to be part of the fifth season. But it seems the reigning F1 champion has had a change of heart again. His no-show in the trailer suggests that Max perhaps once again denied being a part of the documentary series. It would be interesting to see how the fans received the new season in the absence of Max Verstappen.

Red Bull Beast Leads In Pre-Season Testing!

Red Bull

Pre-season testing commenced in Bahrain earlier today as F1 teams took out their brand-new cars on the track. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen unleashed his magic and recorded the fastest lap time in his RB20. The Red Bull driver started the session on the hardest Pirelli tyres.

But after switching to the C3 Medium compound tyre, the RB20 was flying on the Bahrain circuit. Max Verstappen finished the initial session with a 1:32.548 quick lap time. Charles Leclerc finished second with a 1.33.247 lap time, followed by Fernando Alonso at 1.33.385. Indeed, Red Bull is destined for another record-breaking season this year.

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