Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza toss a ball during the Yankees game. via “X” NYY

Anthony Volpe’s debut season with the New York Yankees has been a rollercoaster ride. While the rookie has had his glory moments, the lack of consistency and adaptation has been the biggest challenge faced by him. At the end of 155 games, the shortstop hit .207 with 21 home runs, 60 RBIs, and .667 OPS.

While these numbers are good enough for an average rookie, those who witnessed Anthony Volpe’s career trajectory understand that the latter is anything but average. So, what’s next for Volpe in 2024? Well, apparently, things are not looking good as his own teammate is gunning down his job. Who could be the Yankees regular shortstop next season?


Oswald Peraza’s Strong Arm Weakening Anthony Volpe’s Case For 2024!

Oswald Peraza, Anthony Volpe

Ever since Oswald Peraza got inducted into the roster as a part of the youth movement, he has impressed in almost every department. From handling defensive duties at second base to securing match-winning homers, Peraza has ensured to create an impact in every appearance. While the Yankees rejoice in the infielder’s rise, it will likely create a deep conundrum towards next year’s spring training. Peraza’s arm strength on the field tool scale ranges around 60. On the other hand, Anthony Volpe lingers around 50-55 on the same scale. For a shortstop, having a strong arm is the key to success. Thus, Volpe will face trouble competing with Peraza for the shortstop position next year.

This season, Anthony Volpe had the benefit of the doubt, owing to his rookie status. But it won’t work next time around, as Oswald Peraza is gonna have an upper hand. So what do the Yankees decide? Ideally, Volpe should be moved to second base, considering the bigger picture. At shortstop, no matter how much Yanks believes it’s the right fit for him, the infielder seems out of place. Having said that, the Volpe vs. Peraza 2.0 clash during upcoming spring training seems inevitable. It is a dilemma the Bombers have to address once again. The only thing different next year would be Volpe’s experience. He already has a weak case compared to Peraza. But at the same time, the franchise has a commitment to which they could choose to adhere to. Anything and everything is on the table right now.

Aaron Boone Defends Yankees Rookie’s Underwhelming Season!

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe has shown surprising power (eight HRs) and speed (13 stolen bases), but is batting only .194.AP

In the aftermath of the 2023 season fallout, the New York Yankees are on a damage control mission. Skipper Aaron Boone, known for his defensive side, recently backed Anthony Volpe amid criticism. The rookie is under fire for having an underwhelming season, unlike the general pre-season prediction. Particularly, Volpe has failed to impress on the defensive side.

However, Boone refuses to see the problem. He defended the infielder, citing fatigue issues. Boone believes that it’s Anthony Volpe’s first season playing 162 games. While he is young, the inexperience got the better of him. Thus, the Yankees skipper urged the fans and critics to cut the shortstop some slack by keeping in mind his rookie status.