Aaron Judge
Credit: Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

The New York Yankees have a lot of work to do this upcoming off-season. The entire organization will fall under a review to figure out the root cause of the 2023 season’s downfall. Meanwhile, Aaron Judge, the captain, who is likely to have a big say in decision-making next year, broke down each troubling aspect of the season one by one.

Aaron Judge, in a recent interview with Randy Miller of NJ Advance Media, reflected on the 2023 season challenges. He further opened up on the potential changes and also shared his verdict on the Aaron Boone situation. Additionally, the captain revealed if, at any point in the season, he regreted his decision to sign a prolonged extension contract with the Yankees.


Captain Aaron Judge Disappointed But Not Despaired By Yankees’ Abysmal Season

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sent a message to his teammates with his postgame comments on Tuesday, saying execution needs to be better if the Yankees want to make the playoffs.AP

Aaron Judge talked in length about the New York Yankees’ challenging 2023 season and shared his outlook towards the same. He said that the season has been agonizing and more of a dragged-out, painful death. It’s different from the ALCS loss the team suffered last year. Regardless, a loss is a loss and will always feel like one. Now that the organization has an additional four weeks of rest, it’s given them the opportunity to sit back and reflect on the things that went wrong. Further elaborating on the potential off-season changes, Judge said he has a couple of quick fixes in mind. But overall, the entire core group of the franchise will have to come together to reach a consensus. It’s not a one-man job.

Aaron Judge also emphasized getting players who are less prone to injury and more determined to play throughout the 162 games. While he believes the core group is sturdy, keeping the guys healthy should remain the biggest priority. The captain further added that the Yankees have so far tried to add players who provide with more contact. They already have hitters who could go deep. But the team needs a couple of guys who could play basic baseball. Individually, Judge says he knew what he signed up for when he accepted a mega extension contract earlier this year. He understands that playing in New York is demanding and thus is not disheartened with the lost season. The captain is satisfied with his decision to come back and will try to fix things soon.

Yankees Cap Makes A Case For Skipper Aaron Boone!

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone and right fielder Aaron Judge are on the cusp of qualifying for the playoffs.AP

Aaron Judge did not shy away from showing his support to Yankees manager Aaron Boone. He says that Boone is the right man for the job and that firing him would not sort anything out. Instead, he could be provided with a good supporting staff who can guide the skipper in need and kind of show him the right direction.

Aaron Judge is indeed the man who can rightfully save Aaron Boone’s job in the coming decisive off-season. He will have a significant say in almost every matter of the organization, and when asked about the skipper’s future role, we all know Judge’s opinion. Thus, Aaron Boone looks most likely to secure his skipper’s role in the near future.