Randy Levine
Yankees president Randy Levine speaks during a news conference. USA Today Sports

A third-party company is already on its way to the Bronx to conduct a deep-rooted analysis of the New York Yankees’ 2023 fallout season. Hal Steinbrenner, the proud owner of the storied franchise, will likely overlook the entire operation personally. After all, he seems pissed with the way the season has panned out, as the experience has been nothing short of embarrassing.

As the Yankees 2023 season campaign nears its end, the rumor mill has it that skipper Aaron Boone will likely end up as a scapegoat. Despite having a year left on the contract, Boone could see the exit doors at the end of the year. As much as it seems an unjust move, an alternate option exists for the front office to consider firing.


Yankees Should Explore President Randy Levine’s Future This Off-Season

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Firing manager Aaron Boone at this hour seems a gamble move for the New York Yankees. He had too little part to play in this abysmal season and has the complete support of the clubhouse. Thus, Hal Steinbrenner should consider dropping Boone’s sacking plan for now. Having said that, Hal can still overhaul the front office by firing long-term franchise president Randy Levine. The former deputy associate attorney general for the Department of Justice took up the presidential role back in 2000 during George Steinbrenner’s era. His resume includes work as New York City’s labor commissioner, Chief labor negotiator for MLB, and economic development work for then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

While Randy Levine has been associated with the Yankees for two decades, it has hardly yielded any results. Levine has no baseball background whatsoever. His political connection indeed helped the team in rebuilding the Yankee stadium. But as far as baseball operations are concerned, Randy has provided negligible contributions. Compared to other top franchises in MLB, the Bombers really need a baseball mind working at the top of the hierarchy. Maybe even promote Brian Cashman to the role so that he can hire another potent general manager to take his place. Options remain vast, but does the Steinbrenner heir have the guts to advance with the big move? Only time will tell.

Did The Yanks Fail Aaron Hicks?

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As fans explore the things that went wrong with the New York Yankees this season, ousted OF Aaron Hicks’ name always tops the list. But was Hicks really the problem? If one looks at the 60-odd games the outfielder has played with the Orioles, it seems that the former was never a problem. Instead, it was the coaching staff that failed him. After witnessing a short surge in Baltimore, Hicks was quick to credit the franchise’s coaching staff for being patient with him in figuring out his problems.

Not only that, the coaching staff of the Orioles, in fact, succeeded in bringing out the best of Aaron Hicks. The Yankees, on the other hand, probably jumped the gun too quickly. If they are paying the larger chunk of his salary, it is better to keep him on the roster than to witness him bringing glory to an East rival. It’s hard to ignore the potential Aaron Hicks could have rediscovered had the coaching staff paid a little more attention to the struggling veteran.