Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

Over the past few years, Aaron Judge has established himself as the face of the Yankees. With his record-breaking run in the 2022 MLB season, Judge\’s popularity among his teammates and the Yankees has increased drastically. Recently, the team decided on a hefty among of $360 million to bring the player back into their camp. And there is already a growing sentiment that Judge might soon be carrying the captaincy torch for the Bronx bombers.   

Aaron Judge Could Become The Yankees\’ Next Captian SOON!

The last time when the New York Yankees played with a captain in their squad was before Derek Jeter\’s retirement in 2014. Ever since Jeter bid adieu to the sport, the Yankees have not been able to fill the captaincy spot he left behind. However, looks like things may soon change.

Aaron Judge

Earlier this, New York Yankees agreed to one of the most lucrative contracts in the history of the MLB, worth $360 million, to sign Aaron Judge from free agency. And since his return to the Yankees, rumors have started that the team is planning to make him Captain of the side. If we consider the possibility of the Judge potentially leading the bomber in the future, the huge contract starts to make much more sense. 

Aaron Judge becoming the Yankees captain seems like a sensible move, given that most of the players in the Yankees\’ roaster love and respect him. His teammate Anthony Rizzo has also previously stated he admires Judge\’s leadership skills. And he wishes that Judge should be the team\’s next Captain.

Furthermore, Hal Steinbrenner, the chairman, said in November that the organization might consider making Judge captain if he came back. Pitcher Nestor Cortes and first baseman Anthony Rizzo both stated in October that if Judge returned, he ought to be given the position of Captain. Most of the players present, according to Cortes\’ account to reporters, support Judge taking over as Captain.

Over his seven seasons in the majors, Judge, 30, has established himself as an obvious team captain. Last summer, his teammates praised him for his leadership and abilities. He tied for the league lead in RBIs with 131. And established the American League record for single-season home runs with 62. Aaron Judge has hit 220 home runs in 729 games. Giving him an average of 49 home runs each season at the age of just 30. While leading the way for this Yankees club, he will have plenty of chances to increase those stats.


Moreover, the Yankees\’ catcher, Jose Trevino, also seemed on board with the idea of the Judge becoming the side\’s Captain. In a recent interview, Trevino revealed that he is not surprised by the possibility of Judge becoming the Yankees\’ Captian. He believed that Aaron deserved it, and he had earned it. Trevino also added that he is eager to start calling Captain. 

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