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Yankees Owner Hints At Mega Changes In Off-Season While Speaking On September Expectations

The New York Yankees revived their playoff push by winning a series against the Detroit Tigers this week. The road is still steep, but not impossible. However, despite positive signs, the franchise seems to have changed its goalpost for this season. The Yanks seem no longer interested in the playoff race as they mull major roster changes for the weekend.

As per recent rumors, the Yankees are set to call up prospects Jasson Dominguez and Austin Wells from Triple-A. The duo could be inducted into the roster on Friday, with debuts scheduled vs. Astros. Amid this string of changes, the owner of the club, Hal Steinbrenner, has revealed his expectations from the remainder of the season while hinting at changes during the off-season.


Hal Steinbrenner Excited To See Rookies Thrive In Big Leagues!

Hal Steinbrenner is “angry” about the state of the Yankees. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Since the past week, the New York Yankees have made major roster changes. From dumping Josh Donaldson and Harrison Bader to calling up Oswald Pereaza and Everson Pereira, the Bombers seem to be focusing on the bigger picture. They want to build their long-term future by providing opportunities to the rookies thriving in the farm system. Amid this, the Yanks look all set to welcome a fresh set of rookies. As per media reports, Jasson Dominguez and Austin Wells are likely to board a flight to Houston to participate in the series vs. Astros over the weekend.

Meanwhile, speaking on the Bombers’ fresh approach, the owner, Hal Steinbrenner, said that he is excited to see how the young players perform in the big leagues. Steinbrenner apparently refused to trade these prospects during the trade deadline as he felt they had loads of potential to shape the future of the Yankees. “We’ve traded away too many guys the last few years,” added Hal. The owner is expecting to learn a lot about these prospects with regard to their performance in September. The Yanks have 28 games left on the schedule for the regular season. If these youngsters end up playing a maximum of 15-20 games, the sample size would be enough to judge their caliber. Having said that, the club is yet to announce the prospect’s promotion officially.

Yankees Owner Calls For Analytical Investigation To Figure Out Root Cause Of Struggles!

Yankees Source: NBC New York

Hal Steinbrenner didn’t mince his words while calling this season’s downfall “unacceptable.” He hinted at big organizational changes in the coming off-season. The front office is apparently looking to adopt the analytical approach to figure out what went wrong this season. Hal also confirmed using the help of a third-party company with expertise in analytics to analyze the team’s overall baseball operations.

The Yankees owner added that the ongoing season is just unacceptable. The front office will be holding frank conversations during the off-season. Finding out the root cause of the problem is absolutely necessary. Having said that, the Yankees are looking forward to the remainder of September and next season’s spring training to understand where they stand as a team. And if the roster is capable of turning things around in 2024.