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Oswaldo Cabrera-Yankees

Oswaldo Cabrera joined the New York Yankees at the age of 16 in the minor league. And owing to consistent minor league appearances, the Yanks front office decided to promote Oswaldo to the majors. Hence, the youngster made his major league debut last year in August. After initially starting at third base, Oswaldo also played at shortstop, second base, and right field. Later in the season, the 23-year-old registered his first home runs and earned a grand slam.

The utility player lived up to his name and played at almost every position possible during his short major league stint. However, for this season, Oswaldo Cabrera has the opportunity to cement his place in the starting roster as a couple of positions are yet to be filled. For starters, the youngster is expected to audition for the left field job. However, Oswaldo issued a stern message that he is not going to limit himself to a one-position player.


Oswaldo Cabrera Training To Take Up Multiple Positions In The Yankees Starting Roster

Oswaldo Cabrera Yankees

Oswaldo Cabrera is a utility player. However, the Yankees’ front office is looking at him as a potential solution for their left-field woes. Last season, Oswaldo featured in 49 games, out of which he played 27 games in the right field and just 9 games in the left field. Hence, considering Cabrera as a regular left fielder could be a mistake on the Yankees’ end. Meanwhile, the utility player is unfazed by all the expectations and is ready for every opportunity.

Cabrera, while addressing the media at the pinstripe pride event, said he is working for any opportunity thrown at him from the front office. Further, Oswaldo Cabrera added he is training at the left-field, right field, shortstop, second base, and third base. The 23-year-old does not care which position he’s been offered, he just wants to stay in shape to grab every opportunity to feature in the starting roster. Lastly, Oswaldo Cabrera’s primary focus at the moment is to keep grinding and perform better in spring training.

Hicks, Florial, Cabrera To Contest For The Left Field Position

Aaron Hicks

After failing to acquire a designated left field player in free agency, the New York Yankees are forced to make internal adjustments. Further, Brian Cashman displayed an ample amount of faith in Aaron Hicks. However, Hicks certainly is not a long-term solution. Hence, the Yanks need to expand their horizon. Estevan Florial and Oswaldo Cabrera are likely to contest for the left-field job in the spring training.

Still, none of the three prospects looks promising long-term solutions. Hence, the Yankees will have to press hard for in the free agency for a trade. While the options are shrinking with each passing day, the New York Yankees must put their plan in motion as soon as possible. Moreover, with just two weeks to the spring training, the clubs might close their trade window soon.

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