Joe Pepitone
Joe Pepitone, author and man-about-town, in 1962. KIDWILER COLLECTION/DIAMOND IMAGES/GETTY

Joe Pepitone, the former All-Star first baseman for the New York Yankees, passed away at 82.

Born in Brooklyn in 1940, Joe Pepitone grew up playing baseball and signed with the New York Yankees as a free agent in 1958. He quickly dominated the Yankees’ minor league system and made his major league debut back in 1962. Pepitone promptly established himself as one of the top first basemen in the game. He was a three-time All-Star and won three Gold Glove awards. Joe also stayed popular for his power at the plate, hitting 219 home runs in his whole career.


Pepitone’s career with the Yankees came to an end in 1969 when he left for the Houston Astros via a trade. He played for several other teams throughout his career, including the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves, before retiring in 1973. Despite his success on the field, Pepitone’s personal life was often under the scanner. He struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction and was involved in several high-profile legal incidents over the years.

Yankees Release An Official Statement On Joe Pepitone’s Death

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Joe Pepitone

The news came in early this morning that a former New York Yankees baseman, Joe Pepitone, lost his life at 82. Joe was apparently living with his daughter, wherein he breathed his last. While the cause of the death is unknown, the officials suspect a heart attack. Born in New York, Joe started his career at the Yankees and spent a reasonable amount of time before leaving for the Astros in 1970. As soon as the news of Joe’s death surfaced, the Yanks issued an official statement mourning the loss.

New York Yankees released a statement on its official Twitter handle stating that the club feels deeply saddened by the passing of Joe Pepitone. The statement further read that Joe was a fan favorite due to his playful and charismatic on-field personality. Yankees expressed that gratitude saying that Joe embraced everything about being a New Yorker as well as a Yankee. The letter concluded with the club offering condolences to the next of kin and stating that he would be missed every step of the way.

Fans Remember Joe Pepitone’s Legacy As They Mourn The Loss Of His Life

Joe Pepitone: 1940-2023. Photo of Joe Pepitone taking his batting stance in a Yankees uniform.

Originally tweeted by New York Yankees (@Yankees) on March 13, 2023.

News of Pepitone’s death has sent waves of sadness and nostalgia among baseball fans. Many took to social media to share memories of his playing days and his larger-than-life personality. He remained a talented player who significantly impacted the game during his time with the New York Yankees. Although his personal life was often in turmoil, he remained a beloved figure among fans of the team and the sport.

Pepitone’s passing is a reminder of the enduring legacy of the New York Yankees and the players who have contributed to its rich history. His loss is a reminder that even the most talented and beloved players are mortal, and their passing is a loss to the baseball community as a whole. He will always remain a true Yankee and a legend of the game.