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Max Verstappen Criticises ‘Copying Fashion’! Calls Out Other F1 Teams For Imitating Red Bull’s Design

In the 2023 F1 championship, team Aston Martin initiated a plot change. The AMR23 is a lot similar to RB19 in terms of concept and performance too. Given this, Red Bull’s chief advisor Helmut Marko called it three “Red Bull cars on the podium” of the Bahrain GP. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen reflected on his views on the design copying fashion of the F1 teams in 2023.

One of the reasons why the 2022 Formula One season remained cursed for all [except for Red Bull] is the change in the technical regulation that FIA brought last year. It was the first season for all ten teams with the end of turbo hybrid engines and the beginning of the ground floor effects. It was hard for them to adapt to the changes. But it was easy for Red Bull. When all the teams, including Mercedes, were barely surviving, and Ferrari was struggling, Red Bull alone took all the championships with 17 GP wins. They developed a very strong car in RB18. Everyone was just mesmerized looking at the way RB18 was dominating on the grid. And undoubtedly, some of them tried copying their style too.

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Red Bull’s 2023 Single Seater, Photo By – Adam Cooper

Aston Martin’s New Car Is An Example Of How The F1 Teams Are Copying Each Other

In 2023, when the ten F1 teams became a little familiar with the strange cursed technical rules, they all brought an upgraded version of the cars. On the grid of the 2023 F1 season, when all vehicles finally showed up, fans were able to find a ‘Red Bull style’ modified in each one of them [except for Mercedes and Ferrari]. In the season opener, Red Bull remained the winner, which was not a surprise. But Aston Martin got on the podium, and it was a huge surprise! Fernando Alonso finally paved the way to the front, and no doubt it was a result of copying Red Bull’s design. Aston Martin, indeed, has followed Red Bull’s concept in building their 2023 AMR23 car.

In the desperation of winning, if a team copies Red Bull’s idea, Max Verstappen finds it “not surprising.” This time the competition is more difficult, perhaps because the rivals are set on a lot of improvements, unlike last year. And the fact that Red Bull’s key to success has been revealed and others already feeling no hesitation in copying it has allowed them to produce stronger cars like RB19.

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Max Verstappen boldly asserted, “look at most of the cars; they all just copied each other.” With this, everyone is getting smarter over the passing of time with the same regulation, believes Max. However, “It is not really a surprise, he said.” And that one particular team who is “doing quite well just over an inter break” is a result of that fashion, that copying fashion. Not only this, but Max Verstappen also believes that this is the reason why all teams [especifiacaly Aston Martin] are coming closer and building cars better.

Max Verstappen Agrees With Fernando Alonso On this Matter

Meanwhile, speaking of Aston Martin, it is interesting to know what Fernando Alonso feels about the sudden comeback. Focusing on his podium in Bahrain, Alonso wants to give credit to his team rather than praise FIA for the helpful regulations they are launching. He believes F1 has opportunities for all. But the team who does whatever it takes to win, WIN. “I am proud of this organization,” he said.

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Max Verstappen And Fernando Alonso

On the other hand, Max Verstappen, who is a rival of the Spaniard, emerged to agree with his points. Max admitted that by having the right people in charge who really wills win, anything is possible.