Nestor Cortes

Nestor Cortes, the pitcher of the New York baseball team, finally achieved what he always dreamt of. Playing for the Yankees since 2013 finally made him enter the list of MLB Network’s annual top hundred players. Just ahead of the 2023 season, it has been a great honor for Cortes to become one of the most important players of MLB, ranking 91st among the 100 elite players of the year.

Cortes had a mediocre season in his third stint in 2022. But the breakthrough could not stop him from doing what he always did. Playing good! He was a major player for the Yankees last year. Posting an ERA 2.44, GP 28, W 12, and L 4 in 2022 finally made him attain what he used to dream about during high school. To be one of the top 100 players was a dream come true, and with this, he has been encouraged even more for the upcoming season. Let’s see what he himself has to say after getting on the list.


He explained, “When I used to watch MLB Network in high school, I used to think about the #Top100RightNow players that the channel listed. And today, as he is a part of the list, it is kind of a dream to come true for him. “So surreal to even think about it,” said Nestor Cortes.

Nestor Cortes is Always Grateful To The Yankees

Meanwhile, he also shared the strategies and preparations that made him enter the dream list. He has been a good minor-league member across the board. And he was unaware of how the transition proceeded. However, he took the help of some of the guys. They suggested he adjust the balling system to make it faster and learn how to do the spinning in the right direction.

They told him to be consistent with it. And that is how he became what he is today. he adopted those changes, which later proved to be the key points to the success of 2022. However, going through this off-season, he said, “I knew that I wanted to stay in the same spot and maybe have my change-up work a little better.” And above all of these things, he feels, “I am really in a good place.”

Nestor Cortes Yankees

Not only the Yankees are responsible for the success of Nestor Cortes. He believes that some of the credits go to Seattle Mariners. In 2020, Cortes was with Seattle. He was just receiving the DFA by the Yankees. And just then, they picked him up and said, “Hey, we want you to be who you are. We are not here to you for who you are. We do not want to reinvent the wheel.” The 28 years old Yankees player is very grateful to the managers who never failed to develop a sense of confidence in him.

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