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Yankees Manager Aaron Boone Discusses Plausible Organizational Changes Amid Job Risk

The remainder of the 2023 MLB regular season seems just a formality for the New York Yankees. They sit last on AL-East with a 68-69 record, 7.5 games below the playoff wildcard spot. This has been a highly unusual season for the Yanks, who are accustomed to success. Naturally, a lot of questions will be asked at the end of the year.

The entire New York Yankees unit is likely to come under scrutiny. From players to coaches to managers to the front office, no person associated with the franchise is likely to be spared. Amid this, the team’s manager, Aaron Boone, has revealed the front office’s off-season plan. Just a reminder, Boone’s job is also under threat, and a return in the 2024 season is uncertain.


Aaron Boone Claims Yankees Organizational Review Was Long Due!

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Last week, New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner addressed the team’s woes and called it “unacceptable.” He said that the front office will sit down once the season is concluded to find the root cause of the problem and also look towards possible solutions. One aspect stressed by Hal was the analytical approach. He added that they are willing to hire a third-party company to conduct a deep organizational analysis. Reacting to this, team manager Aaron Boone claimed that it was long due. “I think it’s something that we’ve wanted to do for years, said Aaron Boone while speaking to Randy Miller of NJ Advance Media. 

Further, the skipper shared insights and said the people tasked with the job would look at everything and break down every department. The idea is to oversee each department and find the higher ground, which, in simpler terms, means solutions. Speaking about the role of analytics in the overview, Boone said that the franchise is looking into everything, and analytics happens to be a part of it. Having said that, the manager’s comments come at a crucial time. Discussion regarding his future is also a part of these organizational changes. Apparently, the club’s top brass is unhappy with Boone’s job this season and wants him removed. But he enjoys the back of his general manager, Brian Cashman, who possesses the authority to call the shots. It would be interesting to see if Boone is able to secure his job for the 2024 season.

Brian Cashman Unwilling To Cut Off Aaron Boone

Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone

Rumors of Aaron Boone’s alleged sacking flared up after Bob Klapisch of NJ Media made a startling claim. In a report, he wrote that somebody from the Yankees organization will be fired at the end of the year and that somebody is not general manager Brian Cashman. The obvious alternative remains skipper Aaron Boone.

However, as per the latest rumors, Brian Cashman, who remains the decision maker, has backed Aaron Boone wholeheartedly. He still believes in the manager’s capabilities and is willing to offer him another chance next year. Having said that, owner Hal Steinbrenner has the authority to forfeit Cashman’s baseball operations decision and call the shots. If he deems it necessary, Boone could be fired directly by the franchise owner for the first time in their history.