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Aaron Boone’s Brother Calls Yankees An “Inferior Product” Amid Defending The Skipper From Heavy Backlash

The list of things that went wrong with the New York Yankees this season is unusually long. From bad roster decisions to injuries to critical slumps, it is difficult to pinpoint the blame on a single issue. Amid this, the fans have added skipper Aaron Boone’s name to the list while actively seeking his ouster at the same time.

Aaron Boone, who has been managing the team since 2018, has never failed to carry the Yankees to the postseason. However, this season, the record streak is likely to come to an end. The team sits last in AL-East, with September approaching. Amid this heavy backlash, Aaron Boone has gained some support from his brother, who blamed other factors for the franchise’s downfall this season.


Bret Boone Says It’s Unfair To Blame Skipper Aaron Boone For Yankees Downfall This Season

Aaron Boone
Yankees manager Aaron Boone didn’t use his closer in last night’s ALDS Game 3 loss to the Guardians. David Dermer/AP

Bret Boone, a former MLB player, rallied support for his brother and New York Yankees skipper, Aaron Boone, as call for the latter’s sacking is gaining momentum. While appearing on the “Sports Talk Chicago” podcast, Bret referred to the team as an “inferior” product compared to its rivals. He says that a lot of factors played into the team’s disastrous run this year. The lack of performance from Josh Donaldson, Carlos Rodon, and Luis Severino played a huge role. On the other hand, injuries to Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo also hampered the club’s successful run heavily. Bret further went on to add that Aaron Boone puts a lot of pressure on himself to get things going. Whereas in reality, there is only little he can do.

“When the game starts, and you and your staff do the best job you can, and the national anthem’s over — you’re done,” Bret Boone said. He added that the skipper loves and cares for his team and players a lot. He is one of the most passionate men Bret has seen around in MLB. However, once Aaron gets the best team on the field, his job is done. How the players perform on the field is out of his control. Hence, to blame the manager for players’ underperformance is just not fair. Bret once again emphasized the fact that the Yankees have been ordinary this season, and it’s just one of those times when things don’t work out. Aaron Boone has got nothing to do with it.

Brian Cashman To Come To Aaron Boone’s Rescue

Aaron Boone (l) and Brian Cashman Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Meanwhile, as the chorus for Aaron Boone’s sacking gets stronger, Andy Martino of the SNY has made a big claim. He said that the decision to determine the future of the manager lies with the general manager. In the Yankees case, Boone has the complete support of Brian Cashman. Hence, he will not call the shots for now.

However, the decision to overrule GM lies with franchise owner Hal Steinbrenner. He can dismiss Cashman and his baseball operations to fire Aaron Boone himself. If so happens, it would be the first event in the long history of the Yankees franchise. So, will Steinbrenner call the shots? Or will he bow down to Cashman’s request? Only time will tell.