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If Toronto Blue Jays host a Thanksgiving dinner every year, we know that the Yankees star Gerrit Cole would not be invited. And the reason is just not the AL East rivalry between the two teams. It is because Blue Jays star Alek Manoah star is not a big fan of Cole. Alek made his utter dislike for Gerrit Cole known on a recent TV appearance when he went on to call him a \’cheater\’. But what was the reason behind such a big allegation? Keep reading to find out.

Blue Jays\’ Alek Manoah Calls Gerrit Cole A \”Cheater\”!

When it comes to the American League East, the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays have had an iconic and fierce rivalry for the past few years. However, Blue Jays\’ ace pitcher Alek Manoah had added fuel to the fire. Alek Manoah recently appeared on an episode of Sportsnet\’s \”How Hungry Are You\” alongside NBA superstar Serge Ibaka. After having a bit of fun on the show, Alek started a fire when he named Gerrit Cole the \”worst cheater in the MLB history.\”


Manoah went on to say that Cole used the \”sticky material\” to go up the league ladder. Over the past three years, Gerrit Cole has struggled with his participation in drug use that is prohibited. Regarding this, the league has strengthened its regulations for pitchers. Onlookers have noted that since the crackdown, he hasn\’t been in his typical dominant form. MLB has lately taken stricter measures against pitchers\’ use of foreign drugs. Umpires began checking pitchers for solutions like \”Spider Tack\” during the course of a game in 2021. One pitcher to utilized stick stuff to help his pitchers in the past is Cole. The Yankees\’ ace didn\’t explicitly reject it.

The fact that the initial heat exchange between the two stars started in August 2022 is noteworthy. Aaron Judge, the Yankees\’ premier batter, was defeated by an inside fastball during a game between the Yankees and Blue Jays. Between Alek Manoah and Gerrit Cole, there has since been considerable conflict. After the game, Manoah poked fun at Cole by mentioning the signage right in front of the dugouts. However, despite this, they never experienced anything serious until now.

Alek Manoah

Meanwhile, The pitcher\’s controversial remarks have prompted resentment among New York Yankees supporters and provided material for skeptics as it became a fiercely contested issue on Twitter. Some people found Manoah\’s remarks repulsive, while others agreed with his jab at Cole. And still, others merely wanted to take pleasure in the rivalry between the teams.

On the other hand, there has not been any response from Cole about the scandalous comments by Manoah. But given the dynamics between the two pitchers, we\’d assume it is just a matter of time before Gerrit Cole returns the favor by replying to Alek\’s remarks. 

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