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The New York Yankees find themselves in the midst of turmoil presently. They lost the series against Chicago White Sox, which stayed severely affected by the alarming weather conditions. Regardless, the leading cause of worry for the Yankees is the health of its captain, Aaron Judge. The slugger crashed into the wall last week to complete a defensive play.

While the effort garnered support from the fans and critics, it landed Aaron Judge in huge trouble. He avoided a fall, but his right toe took a huge blow. The toe quickly swelled up and turned completely black and blue. Hence, the Bronx Bombers had no choice but to transfer him to IL. However, the main concern among the fans is the absence of a return timeline. On top of that, the recent reactions from the team have further added to the speculations.


Yankees Manager Aaron Boone Irked By Repeated Questions Over Aaron Judge’s Injury Timeline

Aaron Boone
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Action at the Yankee stadium resumed on Thursday after the second game between the Yankees and White Sox got postponed due to unfit weather conditions. Ahead of the matchup, Bombers manager, Aaron Boone, briefed the media. However, during the whole press conference, the skipper was bombarded with numerous questions related to Captain Aaron Judge’s return timeline. Judge was placed in IL on Tuesday. But the team has not set a timeline in place for the moment. Since the slugger received a plasma injection, the team management is waiting in despair for the medication to kick in.

Aaron Boone had already informed the media about not having set a return timeline for Aaron Judge just yet. However, the reporters kept on pressing the issue, which frustrated the skipper. Boone snapped and said that the team did not have a timeline in place, and that’s it. It’s the reality, and he has no more fresh updates to offer. Judge received an injection on Wednesday and continues to heal. Hence, for the moment, the skipper did not have any concrete answers. He assured that as and when the team figures out a timeline, he would pass on the information accordingly. The skipper looked visibly annoyed and was in no mood to take any additional questions on Judge’s injury.

After Boone, Now Aaron Judge Snaps Over His Injury Speculations

Aaron Judge
Judge circles the bases after a home run against the Dodgers. Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire/AP

The recent injury sustained by Yankees captain Aaron Judge has frustrated the whole unit. After Aaron Boone snapped in the press conference, the man at the center of the speculations, Aaron Judge, displayed the same emotion. He reckoned a lot of things are happening in the background that people on the outside don’t know about. The reason the Yankees are not issuing a timeline is that they are unable to determine a set date.

For now, the team awaits the inflammation and swelling to reduce so that they can further treat it as per need. Judge further added that he does not feel great at all physically. If he was at all feeling good, he would have been out there on the field. No one sits on the sidelines for fun. Hence, once the situation is clear within the clubhouse, the team will update the fans accordingly. Well, one thing is certain, the skipper and captain’s strong stand suggests that Aaron Judge will be gone for a long while, which is bad news for the Yankees.