Yankees Fans Brutally Troll Aaron Hicks For A Comical Fielding Error, Isiah Kiner-Falefa Comes To Rescue

Aaron Hicks

Aaron Hicks, the New York Yankees outfielder, faced the wrath of the fans after committing a fielding error his latest spring training outing.

After months of contemplation, the New York Yankees have finally devised a solution for the left field woes. The team is reportedly trusting outfielder Aaron Hicks to take charge of the left-field responsibilities. However, the fans and critics have their doubts about Hicks being a long-term left-field solution considering his terrible numbers in the last season.

Not just that, Aaron Hicks has a lot to prove. The 33-year-old could be in the last stage of his career. Moreover, if he fails to do better this season with the Yankees, he is unlikely to get an alternate contract elsewhere. However, it seems like the outfielder is running out of luck. He recently committed an error after calling for the catch and subsequently faced the heat from the fans.

Aaron Hicks Trolled For Dropping A Catch After Calling Off Anthony Volpe

Aaron Hicks
Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees – Game Two

The New York Yankees fan base is known for his brutal side. They are vocal when it comes to appreciation as well as criticism. Outfielder, Aaron Hicks, has ended up on the wrong side for quite a while now. In an injury-plagued last season, his numbers dipped significantly. Hence, the fans wanted him out. But the Yankees’ front office instilled their faith and gave Hicks a second chance. However, Hicks is unable to translate the opportunity into something fruitful.

In his recent spring training outing against the Detroit Tigers, Aaron Hicks called off Anthony Volpe, who made the initial call for the catch as he was stationed right beneath it. However, things went south when Hicks made an awkward dive and failed to collect the ball, resulting in a run steal. That was it. The fans raged and immediately took to Twitter to express their emotions. They demanded his ouster from the team. Moreover, some fans even called out the Yankees’ front office for backing him in a bizarre manner. Furthermore, Isiah Kiner-Falefa, who played center field, took the fall for Hicks and said it was his ball and he should have reached in time to collect it.

Hicks Opens Up On His Spring Training Struggles

Meanwhile, Aaron Hicks revealed the struggles he is facing in this spring training after Wednesday’s game against the Phillies. For starters, he prepared to face pitcher Nola. However, when he walked into the plate, the Phillies called Nola off, and Hicks watched in disbelief. He said that it’s tough when you prepare for a particular pitcher so well and do not get a chance to face them.

Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks (Yankees) Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Aaron Hicks further added that he is trying out a new approach this season. Rather than his composed self, he is trying to be aggressive with his swings. Moreover, the switch hitter is focusing more on his left-hand swings and trying to get them right with new techniques. However, he acknowledges the fact that he is not there where he wants to be with the swings but is confident and trusting the process.