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Yankees’ Captain Aaron Judge Dons A Unique Number Belt, A Fashion Blunder, Or A Deliberate Act?

The New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, ditched his regular belt with his jersey number 99 instilled on it this season.

Aaron Judge is the newly minted captain of the New York Yankees, taking over the reins from the legend Derek Jeter. The 6-foot-7 beast is on a quest to recreate his 62-home run season in 2023. While the odds are far lower, the captain is confident and up for a challenge. After all, he has laid a perfect foundation by hitting four home runs already in 16 appearances.


While his towering home runs always remain in the news, it is a recent fashion blunder that has made the headlines this season. Judge’s unique uniform belt has caught the eyes of the fans. It’s different from his usual design, and fans have started assuming a million possibilities behind the change. But what is it that causes so much uproar on social media? Let’s find out.

Yankees Captain Aaron Judge Ditches Number 99 Belt This season

Aaron Judge
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Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees’ star slugger, has a unique style on and off the field. For starters, his jersey number 99 is immensely popular among the fans. This season, the Bronx Stadium’s cafeteria has devised a new menu wherein they sell “99 burgers” for $19.99 in limited quantity during the game as a tribute to Aaron Judge. However, as far as the slugger is concerned, he has mysteriously ditched the popular number.

Fans have been observing a unique trend since the start of the season. Apparently, Aaron Judge is wearing a belt with the number 66 instilled on it. Judge’s official number is 99, and the former one belongs to his teammate, Kyle Higashioka. Hence, the fans are in a frenzy and wonder if the captain has made a fashion blunder or if it is a sign of something larger plan in motion. Well, the most logical explanation is that Judge probably wore the belt upside down. But the matter of fact is the blunder has not just happened in a handful of games. Aaron reportedly donned the 66-number belt throughout the season. Hence, it raises a lot of questions that only the 31-year-old has answers to.

Can Judge Reclaim His Home Run Throne This Season?

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge destroyed a baseball. Via @Yankees Twitter

Aaron Judge smacked all significant records in 2022 with a 62-homer season. Hence, as he leads the New York Yankees in the 2023 season, will the slugger be able to reestablish his supremacy with the bat? Yes, but not with these conditions. Judge has been off to a good start so far, with four home runs in 16 games. There are still more than 100 games to go. Hence, the target is realistically achievable.

That being said, the Yankees captain Aaron Judge has to keep a check on his fitness. With new rules in place this season, it is highly likely that a tall hitter like Judge to face some difficulties with swing and stance control. Hence, maintaining match fitness remains the only key factor that can make or break the slugger’s 2023 season.