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Yankees Cap Aaron Judge Gets Brutally Trolled For Recreating Michael Jordan’s Iconic Pose In Mega Brand Deal Announcement

Aaron Judge, the reigning AL-MVP, is arguably the face of modern-day Major League Baseball (MLB), let alone the New York Yankees. He has been making waves in the big league even since debuting in 2017. Judge won the Rookie of the Year away in his debut season and followed it up by winning the MVP award in 2022.

Captain Aaron Judge’s journey so far in MLB has been nothing but inspirational. He single-handedly transformed baseball hitting. Last season, the slugger hit homers like it’s a child’s play. He certainly made hitting look extremely easy. Judge was rewarded for his performance with the league’s most expensive extension contract. Meanwhile, the Yankees cap has elevated its stature in global sports with the latest brand deal.


Yankees Captain Aaron Judge Signs With Jordan Brand, Enters Elite List Of Baseball Players

Aaron Judge
Credit: Twitter

New York Yankees’ star outfielder Aaron Judge has officially signed with Jordan Brand. Judge, already a prominent figure in the sports world, has now entered the realm of sports fashion through his collaboration with Jordan Brand. The Yankees slugger was previously associated with Adidas. But recently, the partnership came to an end in June. With this deal, Judge has entered an elite list of baseball players. Before the Yankees captain, Jordan brand joined hands with very few prominent figures of baseball. Those names include Manny Machado, Mookie Betts, Jazz Chisholm Jr., Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Yankee legend Derek Jeter. While Jordan officially welcomed Judge to the family via social media post, the details of the deal are not disclosed for now.

Signing with a mega brand like Jordan means a lot for Aaron Judge. It further elevates his stature on the global sports stage. The Yankees captain has already outgrown his expectations in the field of baseball. And since 2022, he has made a name for himself globally. He is the face of modern-day baseball. A storied franchise like the Yankees named him the captain of the organization besides handing out a nine-year $360 million contract. Hence, the slugger has a lot of responsibility going forward. The franchise has gone without a championship ring in the past 13 years. With Judge locked in for the next eight years, the responsibility will fall on his shoulders. He has to live up to the leadership role while acing as a hitter simultaneously.

Judge Trolled For Recreating Michael Jordan’s Iconic “Ring” Pose

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sent a message to his teammates with his postgame comments on Tuesday, saying execution needs to be better if the Yankees want to make the playoffs. AP

Meanwhile, Aaron Judge landed in hot waters with the latest brand deal announcement with Jordan. In the social media post, Judge is seen recreating basketball legend Michael Jordan’s iconic six-ring pose. He posed with his index finger pointing towards his face. However, the fans didn’t take it so well, as they chose to troll the Yankees captain for the same.

The comment section of the social media post was filled with statements mocking Aaron Judge for emulating Michael Jordan. While it was meant as a tribute to the Jordan brand owner, the fans took it out of context. Having said that, Judge is yet to react to the controversy as he is busy rescuing his team, the Yankees, from a terrible downfall.