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Yankees Can REPORTEDLY Sign A Red Sox Outfielder To Play Alongside Cap Aaron Judge Next Season

The New York Yankees did not have a season to remember this season. Sadly, it has been one of the worst they could ever hope for. The NY side could not even make the postseason this time. They were not doing very well in the playoffs in the last few seasons, either. However, making the postseason should never have been a big concern for the 27-time World Series champions. But the Bronx Bombers messed it up big time. They had pretty skillful players on their roster, but injuries hit them really hard. Moreover, the management is looking to add more help to the roster for the Captain Aaron Judge.

In 2024, the Yankees will need to surround Captain Aaron Judge with a solid outfield. This year, despite the toe injury, he had a pretty good offensive season. The rest of the outfielders also need to perform more for the NY side. However, the Yankees might not have a viable option for an outfielder in Giancarlo Stanton anymore. He will be 33, and chances are that he’ll get the role of a designated full-time hitter. Last season, Giancarlo Stanton also played more as a DH, and that’s what the franchise’s roster officially lists him as. To help the Yankees solve the issue of an outfielder, there might be a potential fit in Boston.


Yankees Might Look For Signing Boston’s Alex Verdugo

Alex Verdugo Boston Red Sox Outfielder
Alex Verdugo Boston Red Sox Outfielder Source: WFSB

Alex Verdugo, the Red Sox outfielder, hit 13 home runs and 54 RBIs. He has an average of .264/.324/.421/.745. Moreover, Verdugo is also a finalist for Golden Glove in right field. But the outfielder has a contract remaining with the Red Sox that will expire in 2024. The Red Sox may even show interest in moving Verdugo with Craig Breslow as the new chief baseball officer. Breslow might try to change things in the organization to turn it around next year. Anyway, the Yankees would love to have Verdugo on their roster.

Mainly because the franchise has a lot of right-hand hitters, and they would welcome a skillful lefty outfielder. Moreover, Alex Verdugo will better suit at the corner outfield. But the most important point is trading for someone like him won’t do much damage to the team’s long-term deals with other outfielders like Everson Pereira and Spencer Jones. After all, Verdugo’s contract is expiring next year with the Red Sox. Moreover, the Yankees can help Aaron Judge in many other ways, but the deal with Verdugo can be pretty good for the side.

Aaron Judge Must Stay Healthy If The NY Side Wants To Make The Postseason In 2024

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: Fox News

The Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, missed more than a month of game time due to a toe injury. Clearly, missing the Captain was not an ideal situation for the Yankees. With the absence of Judge last season, the condition of the Yankees got worse in the AL East division. Moreover, the NY side could never really fix the deficit. That’s the reason why the Bronx Bombers got an extra month of offseason to prepare as hard as they can for the next season. Can the Yankees bounce back next season really hard?

Moreover, can they win the World Series next year? It has been a long time since the NY side reached the World Series. The last time was back in 2009 when they actually won it. It was their 27th World Series victory. Anyway, the team owners, management, and players suggest that they will make big changes this offseason. They are definitely looking to turn things around in 2024. Now, what kind of changes the NY fans can expect from the franchise? They’ll need a new hitting coach, as Sean Casey won’t return next season to play the same role.