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“I Missed The Opportunity” Sergio Perez Feeling DISTRAUGHT After Crashing The Red Bull At The Home Race!

Sergio Perez is having a year that he would like to forget and just move on. He may not be able to finish at P2 if he continues to blow away the chances. It is pretty disappointing for the Mexican fans and the Checo fans. Initially, he started so well this season. He won two Grand Prix of the first four races. Moreover, Checo was on par with his teammate, who eventually won the current season. However, things changed drastically since the Miami Grand Prix.

Anyhow, Checo wanted to redeem himself in his home Grand Prix. Even that execution did not go according to his plans. Despite a good start, Sergio Perez crashed at the Mexican Grand Prix. Later, in a post-race interview, Checo mentioned he was sad due to the result of the race at his home circuit.


Sergio Perez Is Understandably Sad After The Way The Mexican GP Ended For Him!

Sergio Perez Red Bull
Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

After the race, Sergio Perez told Sky Sports that it was nothing short of a disappointment because he had a tremendous start. He should have at least ended on the podium. Checo had a great opportunity to go for the lead as there was a big gap around the first corner. But he didn’t grab that opportunity. Instead, he crashed with Charles Leclerc of Ferrari, ending his race prematurely. Additionally, he did not expect Leclerc to be there around the first corner, as there was no room for three drivers.

In hindsight, Perez feels that he should have backed off. Leclerc had less room for maneuver and brake as late as he and Max did. Anyway, these miscalculations can happen in any race. But Checo’s aggressive start ended in a complete disaster for the driver at his home circuit. Albeit, he could not avoid the collision, he takes pride in his aggressive approach in the Mexican Grand Prix. Checo also called the start he and his team had this weekend the best of 2023.

Checo Had To Fight A Lot Of Problems This Season

Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Red Bull
Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen might thank the Mexican driver for making way for his easy route to the third title back-to-back. Anyhow, in Checo’s defense, the driver said the car had changed since the Miami Grand Prix. Initially, he thought he had a better understanding of the car than last season. But gradually, he lost faith in the car, perhaps. Later, Sergio Perez had multiple Q3 eliminations. He also had a few DNFs. Gradually, the Mexican driver just faded away. Moreover, the pressure kept increasing as Max Verstappen kept winning races after races. On top of that, the team started to look for his replacement.

Adding insult to injury, the Red Bull advisor has not been very kind to Checo either. Helmut Marko thrashed Sergio Perez left and right in his remarks after the driver failed to live up to expectations. Later, Checo hired a mental coach. Perhaps the therapy helped a bit as the Mexican driver gained a few podium finishes. However, Perez has not been consistent at all. On the other hand, Max Verstappen is not looking to give up on the top spot of the podium anytime soon. That’s what increases the pressure on Sergio Perez even more.