LeBron James Darvin Ham Lakers
LeBron James Darvin Ham Lakers Source: The Sports Rush

The Los Angeles Lakers did not have the great start they were hoping for this season. After successful offseason trading, the team looked to start the new edition on a winning note. But they have already lost two of the first three. Moreover, they wanted to beat their new rivals, the Denver Nuggets, in the season opener.

But the defending champions were too strong on October 24 for the 17-time winners. Later, they won against the Phoenix Suns in the second game of the regular season. But the LA side lost to the Sacramento Kings in overtime. But after the loss to the Kings, Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times reported that Ham is looking to dig into his rotation style.


Darvin Ham Will Take A Closer Look At His Rotation Handling!

Darvin Ham LeBron James Lakers
Darvin Ham Lakers LeBron James Source: Lakers Nation

As per Dan, the Lakers head coach will look to reassess the way he handles the rotation. As per the Los Angeles Times, Darvin Ham mentioned that buckling down on their rotation is the first thing that’s on his mind. Ham believes they have a good collection of players. When a team knows who they are playing with, things get easier. The players on the roster look like they are in rhythm. Hence, Darvin Ham suggests it is high time to take a closer look to figure out the perfect lineup. But the Lakers might tinker with the rotation anyway due to so much depth. Moreover, the LA side might look to tighten the rotation and be even more rigid with the substitution pattern.

Darvin Ham mentioned he would prefer to do a mixture or a bit of both throughout the season. The fans can expect the Lakers coach to handle the rotation steadily, as Ham is pretty good at it. Moreover, LeBron James mentioned as a player, his job is to make it work with the other four as long as he’s on the floor. James knows that the players must give the coach some time to figure out a rhythm. Prior to the coach’s figuring it out, all the players needed to complement each other well, both defensively and offensively. LeBron James mentioned, “All we need to do is to just go out there and play.” 

Lakers Have No Reason To Lose Hope So Early!

LeBron James Anthony Davis Lakers
LeBron James Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

Anyhow, all hope is not lost yet. After all, it is just the beginning of the 2023-24 season. There is still a long way to go. Moreover, the way the Lakers turned things around last season only gives more reason to hope for the best. Anyway, the Lakers have a much more balanced and deeper roster this season. Despite losing a couple of games at the start, it does not really mean anything. But it might prove that the head coach is still experimenting with the rotation.

When a team has so many skillful players, it might take time to figure out the perfect lineup. Perhaps that is what Darvin Ham is still struggling with. However, it is always a nice problem to have. Moreover, it allows the head coach to give top stars some much-needed breaks. LeBron James and Anthony Davis sure need to find ways to put less stress on their bodies. Only then can they play more than 70 games this season.