Aaron hicks have been going through a bit of a rough patch for quite some time. Even Hicks understands that the Yankees wouldn’t keep him in the lineup indefinitely given their “terrible season. As a result, he has been benched for the game against Toronto Blue Jays on Saturday, August 20.

Hicks lost his regular outfield position for the time being Friday night against the Blue Jays after going 5-for-54 (.093) with no home runs and a dismal.289 OPS since July 28. Hicks has left off the starting lineup for the fourth straight game. But despite inconsistent results, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone did everything he could to give outfielder Aaron Hicks a chance to salvage his season.

Aaron Hicks’ Poor Run Continues!

Addressing his poor performance, the center fielder said, “I mean, you can only struggle for so long, especially on a team like this. We’re struggling right now, and to be a guy that is the one who is struggling the most, you could see it coming.” Hicks continued that this season has not been what he wanted it to be. According to Hicks, he knows he is a better player than what he is showing, and he should be doing a lot more to help this team win.

Aaron Hicks’ 2022 season got off to a strong start in April, hitting.306 with a 42.6% on-base rate. However, those statistics rapidly fell off. And as of August, he is once more having a lot of difficulties. Hicks is batting.116 in 43 at-bats while also slugging.116 and reaching base 20.8% of the time. In that sample size, he has collected just one RBI, 12 strikeouts, and five hits.

Hicks is batting.217 for the year while also accruing 32 RBIs, six home runs, and a 33.8% on-base percentage. Although he walks 14.7% of the time and strikes out 22% of the time. The Yankees have been disappointed by his lack of power. Hicks, who hit 27 home runs back in 2018, was never able to regain his slugging skills after suffering a wrist injury the previous season.

Additionally, with just seconds left before the deadline, Cashman traded Jordan Montgomery to the St. Louis Cardinals for Harrison Bader. And the fact that Bader is a top-tier defensive centerfielder eliminates Hicks from consideration.

Aaron Judge and Andrew Benintendi are the featured outfielders in left and right, respectively. But Bader’s return will permanently move Hicks to the bench, especially given how inconsistent his offensive output has been. Now, Aaron Boone has no option but to go elsewhere because Hicks is only batting .173 with runners in scoring position and .191 with them on base this year. Considering where he is now, Cashman will likely try to get his contract terminated in the coming winter. However, it would probably need to be a part of a larger agreement.

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