Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

The New York Yankees are looking to redeem themselves this offseason. In recent times, the kids have no idea how good the Bronx Bombers were in the past. There is a reason why the NY side won as many as 27 World Series titles, more than any other team in the history of baseball. In the past, MLB fans used to wonder, “Why the Yankees always win?” Even the 15th captain of the NY side, Derek Jeter, was successful in leading the Bronx Bombers to five World Series victories. But as it turns out, the Jeter era was the last time the Yankees won a World Series and even made it to one.

Moreover, the GM, Brian Cashman, recently had a heated encounter with the media. On Tuesday, during the annual MLB’s General Manager meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cashman told the reporters that the Yankees are pretty damn good at present. Most importantly, Brian Cashman added that they are not analytically driven. However, after seeing the team struggle to finish above .500 in the 2023 season, the media understandably questioned their system. Lately, it came to light that the NY side hired a consulting firm to look over their analytics regarding what they did wrong last season.


Yankees GM Fired Back At Reporters For Criticizing His Side

Brian Cashman Yankees GM
Brian Cashman Yankees GM Source: Fox News

Moreover, the Yankees GM defended his franchise for trading Joey Gallo and Sonny Gray. Neither the slugger nor the pitcher performed well during their tenure with the Yankees. Hence, Cashman was right in trading them. Moreover, the NY side’s General Manager asked the reporters who picked Gallo after they traded him. There were two playoff teams who did. Adding to that, Cashman said currently Gray is running for the Cy Young Award. Hence, Cashman argues that how those trades were bad.

Brian Cashman pushes the debate around the new system of analytics in the franchise. He condemned the reporters, saying, nobody’s doing deep research and just spreading rumors. Moreover, Cashman said the media is wrongly accusing the Yankees of running analytically. Most importantly, the Bronx Bomber’s GM asserted that it is a lie that analytics are guiding the Yankees as a driver. Anyway, the GM might still be defending his team, but the truth is the NY side has come far away from their golden days.   

Aaron Judge Wants To Lead His Team To The “Big Dance”

Yankees Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: MLB Trade Rumors

Since 2009, the NY side has not made it to a World Series. That’s what the new captain, Aaron Judge, was talking about this year’s World Series as he received the Roberto Clemente Award for community service. Moreover, the 16th captain mentioned the franchise had not made it to the “Promised Land” for a long time. That’s where they want to be.

The Yankees want to make it to the “Big Dance,” as per Aaron Judge. For that, they need to make a lot of changes in the whole organization. Moreover, the 16th captain trusts the organization as a whole. He believes they’ll make the right choices this offseason to bring in significant change. It seems the whole organization has a lot of trust and belief in each other.