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The New York Yankees failed to draft a young center fielder during the 2009 draft pick who went on to become of the finest players of the generation.

New York Yankees have enjoyed a fair share of success over the decades. Up until 2009, they were the most formidable team in MLB, with 27 World Series titles to their name. However, things went downhill shortly after. The team combinations collapsed, which led to a 13-year championship drought. Despite having some of the biggest names of the game on the lineup, the team fails to deliver as a whole.


However, even the most successful teams have missed opportunities. The Yankees follow a set pattern of buying out big names from the market rather than growing one in the camp. Recently, the team scout opened up on a lost opportunity to draft a promising talent 13 years ago who went on to become of the most successful stars of the Major Baseball League.

Yankees Still Regret Losing Out This Outfielder 13 Years Ago

Mike Trout
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In 2009, the Yankees had a chance to draft a player who would go on to become one of the greatest players in the history of baseball. That outfielder is none other than the three-time American League MVP awardee, Mike Trout. Mike Trout, the high school player from New Jersey, had been extensively scouted by the Yankees. However, the Yankees decided to pass on Trout in the 2009 draft, and the Los Angeles Angels eventually selected him with the 25th overall pick.

The decision not to draft Mike Trout has given the Yankees sleepless nights ever since. Damon Oppenheimer, the Yanks scout, appeared on MLB Network’s podcast “The Show.” He opened up about the decision and how it still affects him today. Calling it a gut-wrenching incident, Damon said it was painful to watch him leave. Moreover, Trout has gone on to win three American League MVP awards, make ten All-Star teams, and establish himself as one of the greatest players of his generation. Meanwhile, the Yankees have not won a World Series since 2009, the same year they passed on Trout. That certainly hurts.

Aaron Judge In Line To Become The Next-Gen Yankee Legend

Aaron Judge
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While the New York Yankees might have missed a golden opportunity to land one of the best players in MLB right now, they have one in the making in the camp. Aaron Judge, the Yankees’ 2013 draft pick, broke all hell loose in 2022. He smashed the all-time high home run record and registered one of the best offensive seasons in the history of MLB.

Subsequently, he was awarded his first AL-MVP, a mighty $360 million contract, and the captainship of the $7 billion franchise, the New York Yankees. Moreover, it is just the start for the 31-year-old who has the potential to become of the best sluggers the Yankees, as well as the MLB, has ever produced. And who knows, he might just end the Bombers’ years-long World Series title jinx and bring the trophy back home to New York.