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Yankees’ Aaron Judge Sets Huge Goals For 2023 Season, Playing His Cards Closer To His Chest

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees star slugger and captain, has a new set of goals this year, a few of which he failed to hit last season.

The New York Yankees nearly came close to winning the World Series title last year. They lost to Houston Astros in the ALCS and ended their dream of winning a championship. Nonetheless, the team is determined more than ever to cross the finish line this time around, and for that, they have a new steering wheel operator to guide their ship to that line.


No prizes for guessing as we speak of the man of the hour, Aaron Judge. The newly minted captain of the $6 billion worth organization has completely devoted his career to the Yankees by signing a nine-year contract for $360 million. With a new season approaching, the slugger has added responsibilities on his shoulders after coming off a season wherein he smashed all records that came his way.

Aaron Judge Is Here To Fulfill Some Unfinished Business From Last Season

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge, New York Yankees Desiree Rios/The New York Times

2022 was a dream year for New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge. He hit 62 home runs, engraving his name into baseball history books. Moreover, the slugger won numerous honors with respect to those unimaginable numbers. However, Judge feels he missed a few goals last season. Fans are puzzled as to what the slugger could possibly wish more of as he clicked record-breaking numbers in terms of his batting. When asked the same question by the New York Post, Judge refused to unfold his cards and said, “I can’t tell you that.”

Further elaborating on his statement, Aaron Judge explained that he has some set of goals from the start of every season. He has one for the 2023 season as well, which he again refused to reveal. However, 2022 was a year wherein he achieved everything a baseball player wishes for in life. Maybe not winning the World Series title could be one of them. But that still is a team goal in general. Coming to his personal milestone, one cannot think of any possible area where the slugger needs to improve. Nonetheless, Judge’s hunger and drive to keep improving is a positive sign for Yankees fans who hope for a 2022 season replica in 2023 from Aaron Judge.

Judge Scores Against The Phillies After Having A Rather Quite Spring Training Season

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge tested the free agent market this winter before opting to re-sign with the Yankees.AP

Aaron Judge seems to be holding back his cards for the upcoming 2023 regular MLB season. He has been awfully quiet with the bat this spring training, with just one home run to his name. However, in the recent outing against the Philadelphia Phillies, Judge broke the shackles and made some runs. The slugger went with a walk and a double against Aaron Nola. His overall grapefruit tally goes up to one homer, 7-for-15, with three doubles and four walks.

The slugger’s offensive struggles should not be a cause of concern for the New York Yankees, as he is a star slugger who knows his way around. Moreover, Judge intends to play the whole MLB season and hence could be keeping himself fresh for the opening day. Overall, Aaron Judge is expected to shine this year as well, with added leadership responsibility.