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“Will Ruin The Sport Of F1” Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff Admits Making Attempts To End Red Bull’s Dominance Is Wrong

In recent years, Formula 1 has seen periods of dominance from various teams and drivers. It is these shifts in power that keep the sport intriguing and captivating for fans as they witness the rise and fall of teams and drivers. Mercedes, for a decade, ruled the tracks of Formula One until Red Bull unleashed carnage by producing one of the fastest cars the sport has ever seen.

Since last season, Formula One has witnessed a shift in power. Red Bull is now the undisputed ruler of the sport. They won the 2022 season with an impressive margin, and in 2023, the team took it up a notch higher. This year, Red Bull’s RB19 has an unmatchable pace with which they already look like the champions of the current season. However, the utter dominance of the drink-based team has raised concerns about the sport becoming boring and too predictable.


Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff Says Red Bull Deserves Credit For The Work They Have Done

Mercedes Red Bull
Bottas and Verstappen, during the past season.

For almost a decade, the Mercedes F1 team ruled the sport. They won seven drivers and eight constructors championships from 2014 to 2021. However, after 2021, the sport witnessed a drastic change. Red Bull Racing developed a flying beast and handed it over to the youngest and most fierce driver on the grid, Max Verstappen. The Dutchman pushed the machinery to the limit with his hard racing style and brought glory to the drink-based team, thus ending the long-withstanding reign of Mercedes. However, there remains a growing concern that the complete dominance of Red Bull has made the sport boring, due to which it is losing its hard-earned viewership. Hence, fans have called in for the introduction of new laws to bring in a balance.

However, Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, has acknowledged that attempting to end Red Bull’s dominance in Formula 1 would actually harm the sport. During an interview at Monaco Grand Prix, the Austrian said that bringing in balance in performance is not good for F1. He feels the meritocracy of the sport is to build the fastest car and put in a strong driver in it to achieve success. Moreover, a team must face action only if they violate any rule. One must be penalized for simply doing a good job. It is the essence of the sport, which should not be messed with. Further, Toto praised Red Bull for the work they have managed to put in over the last few seasons to build strong machinery and said that they deserve to win each race.

Toto Wolff Praises Max Verstappen For His Resilience During The Monaco GP

Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing lead driver Max Verstappen won the recently concluded Monaco Grand Prix with a comfortable margin. While he faced no significant threat from behind, the Dutchman did deal with issues within his own machinery. He touched the wall whilst the rain poured down and struggled to find grip on the medium tyres. Against all odds, Max managed to carry the car through the checkered flag in one piece.

Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, loved Max Verstappen’s resilience and even praised him for the same. He said for a team to achieve success on the grid, the driver of the team must stay at the top of his game. With Max struggling with the car at Monaco GP, it was easy for him to DNF and blamed it on the machinery. However, he did not give up and pushed to the max limit, which is commendable, according to Toto. Well, the fans are surprised to see the new love affair between the rivals, Mercedes and Red Bull.