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Neymar Jr. & Lewis Hamilton Share Playful Banter As The F1 Driver Ignores The Football Ace At The Monaco GP

Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton and the Brazilian Soccer superstar Neymar Jr. are very close friends. So, one might think that the Paris Saint Germain star was at the Monaco Grand Prix to cheer his friend. It is not a unique thing for celebrities to visit Monaco to see the F1 races. Many stars often come to watch F1 races, not only in Monaco, though. From film stars to famous sports stars often come to these races. However, that was not the case this time. Reportedly, Red Bull had invited many celebrities this time to the Red Bull paddock to cheer the team, and Neymar was one on the list.

This trend of celebrities cheering their athlete friends is very common. NBA superstar LeBron James is also a good friend of Hamilton. As a result, the seven-time F1 champion visited the Crypto.com arena to support and cheer for Los Angeles Lakers and James. It is good to see that these global sports icons have such close friendships. Coming back to last weekend’s updates, Neymar and Hamilton shared a funny moment on the track. That led to a funny banter off the race track.


Lewis Hamilton Shares A Banter With Good Friend Neymar Jr.

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Lewis Hamilton Neymar Jr. Source: IBTimes India

On the main race day, Neymar Jr. was giving an interview with Sky Sports when Lewis Hamilton was passing by on his scooter from the opposite direction. The PSG star saw the Mercedes driver coming and went to say “Hello.” But Hamilton did not see Neymar coming at him and just ignored the Brazilian superstar to pass by him. Apparently, this video went viral on social media, and fans have been asking Hamilton to apologize to Neymar. And to the fans’ request, a week later, when Hamilton saw the video, he apologized to the Brazilian superstar on social media. Lewis Hamilton wrote on his Instagram story, “My bad, bro, Neymar.” The PSG striker was quick to respond to that story as he jokingly replied, “F… u.” This funny banter between the two legends of two different games has become viral.

However, Neymar Jr. made sure he had a great time in Monaco as he was invited by the Red Bull camp. He took pictures with boss Christian Horner and many more members of the Austrian team. Moreover, there were many more celebrities with whom Neymar clicked photos, like, Tennis legend Maria Sharapova and actor Tom Holland. However, in the interview with Sky Sports, Neymar gave a straight reply to the question, who he supports in F1? The PSG superstar replied, “I love F1. I’m a big fan of Lewis. Hence, I’ll support him. We’re good friends. But I’ll root for Red Bull.” Now everybody is trying to look for the answer to – “What does it mean?” It is confusing, but essentially the soccer superstar had a good time on the track in Monaco. Hopefully, Hamilton and Neymar Jr. will remain friends forever.

Mercedes Looking To Improve After Upgrades

Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14 At Monaco GP. Source: Yahoo News

Anyway, Monaco is the most iconic race track in Motorsport’s history. But lately, Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton are not having great success at Monaco. However, Hamilton was happy with the W14 car after the addition of new upgrades to the vehicle. The Brackley team is eagerly waiting for the next Grand Prix in Barcelona to see how much W14 has improved with new upgrades.