Recently, FIA launched a new set of rules in Formula One in order to make the sport more stable. Along with the technical regulations, there has been a change in freedom of expression also. Since when the president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, imposed a ban on drivers for making political statements during the weekend races, he has been controversial. The ban seemed a direct target on Lewis Hamilton. As he was the only driver who used to speak on social injustices and stand against the wrong things happening in the world, he will alone face the consequences from 2023.

Recently, BBC did a little research on what is going on with FIA at present. And they found something against the president. Mohammed Ben Sulayem has been found a little inappropriate not only for the ban on free speech he implemented in Formula One but also for his personal statements. Once he said, \”I don\’t like the women who think they are smarter than men.\” This insane statement of Ben Sulayem makes him a sexist. In addition, several other things about him made others say, \”he got to go\” now.


Lewis Hamilton On Target Of FIA President Who Is In Danger Of Losing His Presidency


BBC sports recently revealed what their chief Formula One specialist, Andrew Benson thinks. And according to him, in the paddocks of Formula One, the wind is not moving in the president\’s favor. Many F1 team bosses are upset with how Mohammed Ben Sulayem is working in FIA. The way he is changing rules each year is not likable by many. In conclusion, as Andrew Benson said, \”In the general view, everyone in Formula One thinks that he\’s got to go.\”

The political speech ban by FIA is going to affect the seven-time world champion, who never goes without a political message on the grid. In 2022, he made an LGBTQ+ supporting Helmet. Previously, he wore T-shirts in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign and climate change. At this moment, things are so intense that if Lewis Hamilton writes a social media post that promotes human rights which includes free speech, then he could get in danger of losing his Formula One license. Andrew Benson believes that things are unclear if the clause complies with the European Convention on Human Rights. This is written in article 10, providing freedom of expression to all citizens.

Mohammed ben Sulayem

When Motorsport UK asked people what they thought about FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem, one of the spokespersons said, \”Formula One should be a platform where each and all can participate, spectate and volunteer their time which comes out as a safe environment, fair and fun vibe.\” And making changes in the sports culture to ensure that Formula One is more representative of society\’s demographics and champions best behaviors.

Overall, there has been a negative opinion of Mohammed Ben Sulayem among fans and even the chiefs of Formula One. He has already gone against Mercedes principal Toto Wolff and Red Bull\’s boss, Christian Horner, for calling the new entries in the sport. Now, \”just one more misstep he makes. It will be hard for him to survive in FIA,\” said one of the insiders.

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