Oswaldo Cabrera

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Why Oswaldo Cabrera’s Newly Infused Hitting Approach Came Too Late For The Yankees?

Oswald Cabrera displayed a glimpse of positive development during his short stint last season. However, the utility player failed to carry forward the momentum into this season. His underwhelming numbers on the plate pushed the New York Yankees to push him down to minor league multiple times.

However, in the wake of the youth movement, Oswaldo Cabrera was rewarded with regular playing time. To much surprise, the utility player has grabbed the opportunity with both hands to create an impact. Not only that, but he has been trying a new hitting approach on the plate for the past week. But is it the right time for Cabrera to pull off such a stunt?


Oswaldo Cabrera Looking To Thrive In Switch-Hitting Role For The Yankees

Oswaldo Cabrera
Yankees utilityman Oswaldo Cabrera has been struggling on offense this season, finally finding some results over his last few games.AP

The New York Yankees triumphed over the Pittsburgh Pirates in the three-game series over the weekend. While the entire hitting order stepped up nicely, Oswaldo Cabrera’s unusual approach on the plate caught the fans’ attention. The utility player, for the first time in his professional baseball career, hit left-handed against a left-hander. In the seventh inning of the Yanks’ 3-2 loss to the Pirates, Cabrera tried to switch hit lefty reliever Ryan Borucki with one out and a runner on first base. However, he couldn’t succeed in the attempt, as it resulted in a strikeout. Nonetheless, Oswaldo was okay with the stunt. He has no regrets whatsoever. “Why not?’ I have to try,” added Cabrera.

The utility player confessed to trying to pull off the same move in Saturday’s game as well. But the matchup was over before he got a chance. Oswaldo Cabrera apparently has been working hard back at practice to bring a change in the hitting approach. He says to increase effectiveness on the plate, something has to give. Further asked if he intends to continue the switch-hitting approach in the future, Cabrera refused to provide clarity. He says while he is not thinking about the future right now, he surely is trying to improve his left swing. Having said that, whatever adjustment or approach Cabrera is trying is working for him. But is it too late for the Yankees? Apparently, yes, since the team has already fallen out of the playoff race. Regardless, Cabrera is the club’s future, and any ray of hope would be beneficial for the team in the long run.

Oswaldo Cabrera Showing Signs Of Life In Late Resurgence

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Meanwhile, Oswaldo Cabrera has swayed the Yankee fans with a recent resurgence. In the past 13 games since August 28, the utility player is hitting .300 with a .854 OPS. Moreover, he secured bases four times in the Yankees’ Friday win over the Pirates while belting his first homer since June 3. Cabrera revealed his secret to success and credited minor adjustments for the resurgence.

Further, Cabrera added that Triple-A coach Trevor Amicone helped him get the right perspective toward failures. He reassured him that his batting skills weren’t a problem. The constant chase of trying to do too many things at a time was working against him. “That’s what I’m working on, that Oswaldo-type game, that energy all the time,” concluded Oswaldo Cabrera.