Why Is Mercedes Opting For Different Strategies For Russell And Hamilton? George Feels Mercedes Will Not Be The Fastest This Year

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Mercedes\’s performance in Formula One 2022 has clearly not been up to expectations. And it looks like Lewis Hamilton was not happy with the team\’s different strategies for him and George. However, now the team has given clarification why they took a different plan of action for both the drivers. Let us take a look at it.

Mercedes Explain Different Strategies For Russel And Hamilton!

There has been a lot of talks regarding Mercedes\’ choice to use separate strategies for Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in the Miami Grand Prix of Formula One in 2022. The Hungarian Grand Prix\’s varied tyre strategies for Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were justified, according to Mercedes Director of Trackside Engineering Andrew Shovlin. Given the tire warming-up and overheating challenges that both drivers\’ vehicles were experiencing at that stage in the race, the team acknowledged that they made the best decisions for both drivers at that juncture.


Shovlin stated that the conditions were quite different than usual as there was a bit of rain in the air. According to them, it was quite cold and could be quite slippy. So, soft tyre would\’ve given George the best chance of getting off the line cleanly. This took place to keep George\’s hopes of winning the race alive. \”We had to be leading that first stint,\” he added.

Russel Believes Mercedes Will Not Be The Fastest In 2022!

Mercedes entered the 2022 Formula One season on the back foot due to the implementation of new technical restrictions. However, after facing so many issues and problems, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell achieved back-to-back double podium finishes at the previous two Gr and Prix. Undoubtedly, the young Briton\’s form has been on the rise. However, despite the recent improvements, George Russell doesn\’t think the Brackley-based team will ever have the vehicle that is unquestionably the fastest this year.


Russell recently made a statement about Mercedes\’ position this year. \”We\’re definitely closing that gap, there\’s no doubt. But the four cars ahead of us certainly have the pace advantage.\” However, the Britin is hoping that after the summer break, the team will add some extra things to the car. However, George cleared that everybody try to bring some updates, so it\’s not going to be straightforward. He believes that they can still fight for victories at some in the remaining season. But Russell still does not have faith that the Mercedes will have the fastest car in Formula One this year. 

In the Manufacturer\’s Championship, Mercedes and Ferrari are presently separated by just 30 points. Evidently, a race for second place is developing. However, as per the score board yet, the only teams to win races this year were Red Bull and Ferrari. Although, due to a recent slump in performance, Ferrari is no longer in the lead over Red Bull. 

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