Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: Sky Sports

Max Verstappen has been showing the whole F1 world that it’s his era now. The era of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton is over and makes way for the young guns. Since 2021, there has been no stopping the dominance of the Dutch driver. Indeed, the Austrian team provided the Dutch sensation with the fastest car of the current era. But it is hard to ignore the greatness of the Red Bull superstar. Moreover, the duo of Max and Checo proves exactly why the Dutch racer is even more special. Sergio Perez drives the same car, but he has not been able to perform like his teammate.

It is because Max Verstappen is right up there with all the greats of the sport. He is already a member of the elite club of three-time champions in F1. But he is not looking to hang his helmet so soon. He is looking forward to winning his fourth consecutive championship. And if the 2024 Red Bull F1 challenger is anything like its predecessor, there will be no stopping the Dutchman. Lately, the teams had their first day of Bahrain testing. And as usual, Max Verstappen was again at the top with a bigger gap than the rest.


Max Verstappen Dominates Day 1 Of Bahrain Testing

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: Sky Sports

Formula One is underway with their pre-season testing in Bahrain before the opening Grand Prix of the year. Lately, the Red Bull superstar topped the F1 charts in the morning session of the first day of pre-season testing. Max Verstappen had a marked time of 1:32.548 seconds. The new F1 cars for the new season hit the track officially at the Bahrain International Circuit. It was mostly a smooth session as Max Verstappen came on top in RB20 as he had the fastest lap time after 66 laps. Charles Leclerc of Ferrari finished with the second-fastest lap time.

He was +0.699 seconds slower than Max after completing 63 laps. In third place, there was Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin who was +0.138 seconds slower than the Ferrari driver. However, the Spaniard set the most laps of any other driver in that session with 77. Kevin Magnussen of the Haas team finished last during the morning session of Day 1. Max Verstappen was +3.144 seconds faster than the Haas driver. Esteban Ocon finished in ninth place. And ahead of Ocon, Alex Albon finished in eighth place. But Albon only completed 40 laps because there was a problem with the fuel pump. 

A Formula E CEO Bets $250k For Charity If The Dutchman Fails To Win His Fourth Consecutive Title 

Jeff Dodds
Jeff Dodds Source: BlackBook Motorsport

Jeff Dodds pledges to donate 250,000 dollars to a “Charity of choice” if Max Verstappen doesn’t win the title in 2024. Dodds shared his plans with TNT Sports and added that if Max does not sustain any injury or “Anything crazy happens,” he will quite comfortably win the championship again. Dodds believes there’s a 99% chance of Max Verstappen winning his fourth consecutive title.

But if one of the nineteen other racers wins the championship, they will give a quarter of a million dollars to the charity of choice of the other racer that wins it. Moreover, Dodds believes it won’t be the worst thing to give $250k for charity. But he’s pretty confident to see Max Verstappen getting that trophy again.

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