Aaron Judge Yankees Roberto Clemente Award
Aaron Judge Yankees Roberto Clemente Award Source: MLB.com

Aaron Judge has been part of the big league for a long time. He made a mark in his rookie season with the New York Yankees back in 2017, hitting over 50 home runs. Since then, the current NY side’s captain has gradually become a superstar in the world of baseball. Moreover, the 6’7 superstar has won multiple Silver Slugger Awards. Later, in 2022, he broke the all-time American League record for slugging most home runs in a season. Since Judge hit 62 homers, he won the AL MVP in 2022. As a result, the Yankees decided to make him the 16th captain of the franchise, succeeding Derek Jeter.

Due to his heroics, the Yankees extended his contract to a nine-year deal worth $360 million. It has been a long time since Aaron Judge made his MLB debut. Over the years, he has achieved so much. But more importantly, he has learned the skills to carry himself as a superstar on the field and off the field. However, in the game of baseball, there can be so many rules, even in cases where a player compliments another player. Aaron Judge once found himself in trouble for complimenting Manny Machado during his early days in MLB. Later, Manny came to Judge’s defense.


Manny Machado Said, “People Tend To Blow It Out Of Proportion”

Manny Machado Aaron Judge
Manny Machado Aaron Judge Source: AFRO American Newspapers

In 2018, the Yankees captain found himself in the eye of a storm when people accused him of tampering with Machado. Manny Machado was then a superstar of the Baltimore Orioles. And the AL East rivalry between the Orioles and the Yankees is quite popular. However, it is less popular than the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox rivalry. These three teams are from the same division. Anyhow, back in 2018, Aaron Judge told Manny Machado that he would look good in pinstripes. The situation was as such that Machado would become a free agent at the end of the season. Hence, as Judge expressed his wish to add Manny to the Yankees roster, fans didn’t take that lightly.

Later, Manny Machado mentioned Judge is a great kid who means well. He has a great future ahead of him. Moreover, Machado mentioned that he told many players that they would look good in black and orange (Orioles colors). Hence, Machado said, “It’s part and parcel of the game, but people generally blow it out of proportion.” Moreover, the then-Orioles superstar mentioned when Judge complimented him, he didn’t say anything, he only laughed. Finally, Machado mentioned, “Things that happen on the ground stay on the ground.” 

Later, MLB Warned Aaron Judge

Manny Machado Aaron Judge
Manny Machado Aaron Judge Yankees-Orioles Source: MLB.com

The situation became worse when MLB looked into the matter, as the incident was garnering a lot of attention. As per the MLB, they contacted the Yankees. Moreover, the NY side told them that the Judge’s comments were not appropriate and that the club didn’t authorize him to say that. Also, they would talk to Judge and make sure it doesn’t happen again. The MLB urged the Yankees GM to talk to Aaron Judge about the matter.

Later, Cashman said that there were no bad intentions. But now Judge understands that simple conversations are now even more complicated. Later, Aaron Judge mentioned, “You learn new things every day.” Back then, the Orioles manager humorously responded to the whole matter, saying he was just glad “They didn’t catch Manny recruiting Judge.”

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