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Injury Report: Big Boost For Golden State Warriors Ahead Of Crucial Los Angeles Lakers Game

The Golden State Warriors, as well as the Los Angeles Lakers, are in a pretty much similar situation as per the current standings. If the Dubs are the 10th seed of the Western Conference, the LA side is right above them as the ninth seed. These teams are among the most popular NBA teams in modern times. Moreover, they have the two most prominent players in the league – Stephen Curry and LeBron James. These players from Akron, Ohio, have become the most well-known faces of the NBA. Whenever they face off against each other, it is like a festival. The Curry-James rivalry started in 2015 when both of them led their respective teams to the NBA Finals.

Back then, LeBron James used to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He led the Cavs to four consecutive NBA Finals when they met the same opponent, Curry’s Warriors. Since then, the popularity of the rivalry reached epic proportions. Even now, when James represent the Los Angeles Lakers, the rivalry between him and Curry is pretty exciting. The Lakers and the Warriors will face off each other tonight. But it seems LeBron James will not play because of a sore left ankle. Anyway, it is a good opportunity for the Warriors to start their campaign with a win after the All-Star break.


LeBron James Not Playing Is A Big Boost For Warriors

LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: Marca.com

On Wednesday, the Lakers announced LeBron James won’t play on Thursday against the GSW as he continues to manage a left ankle injury. Previously, on Sunday, LBJ mentioned during the All-Star game, that he would use the break for extra treatment for peroneal tendinopathy. As per Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the all-time leading scorer did not specify the nature of his treatment. However, he did hint that he might miss the game against the Dubs on Thursday. There is still no guarantee that he will be available for the games against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday and then the Phoenix Suns on Sunday.

In order to treat his ankle, LeBron James has missed one game of a back-to-back set on three separate occasions this season already. He has been trying to ease the workload on his ankle. But to do that, LBJ even played a half Sunday. Anyhow, the Warriors will look to make the best use of the absence of James. Hence, even if the LA side is ranking above the Dubs so far, the Warriors will have an edge in their next encounter.

How Serious Is LBJ’s Anke Injury?

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: BVM Sports

Lately, league sources told ESPN that there is no significant concern that James will miss the extended time. However, the sources said that they hope the treatment will help LeBron James. Hopefully, the all-time leading scorer will be able to finish the season stronger.

Last month, when the Warriors met the LA side in San Francisco, LBJ scored 36 points, grabbed 20 rebounds, and contributed more with 12 assists. That game was a double-overtime classic. After the All-Star break, the Lakers and the Warriors have the same number in their loss column. They still have three meetings remaining during the ongoing regular season. 

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