Not many names come close to LeBron James when it comes to dominating the NBA in the past two decades. The Lakers star is one of the finest ever to play the sport, and his numbers speak for him. With over 37480 points, LeBron is currently the second-highest point-getter in the history of the NBA. James has amassed one of the biggest and most loyal fanbases in a prolific and legendary career spanning over two decades. However, at the same time, James has also been at the center of criticism. 

Is LeBron James The Most Hated NBA Player Of All Time?

James wasn\’t necessarily the most popular player in the NBA outside of Cleveland a year ago, but he was still well-liked. Who didn\’t enjoy the Powerade or the Nike puppet advertisements in which he successfully jumped 100 feet? Almost everyone in Cleveland despises him, but that isn\’t all. LeBron James already had one PR-planned habit that was pretty annoying before The Decision infuriated millions of sports fans. James would chalk up his palms before Cavaliers games and then throw both the chalk and his hands in the air as a demonstration of might and majesty.


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LeBron James never made the overt assertion that he was Michael Jordan\’s heir apparent. But wearing No. 23 was a step in that direction. Now, the majority of NBA analysts claims that James is not the same kind of player as Jordan and that his style is more like Magic Johnson\’s than Jordan\’s. The quest for Jordan\’s successor has been ongoing since the mid-1990s among fans, the media, and the NBA itself. LeBron has always been unpopular with some people because he will never measure up to that one, particularly unjust expectation. 

James himself suggested that race contributed to the unfavorable publicity he has had since moving from Cleveland to Miami. The rock began to tumble down the mountain under the direction of his manager, Maverick Carter. Simply put, LeBron James didn\’t stop it. This may have sparked even more debate. Although many people think he played the racial car when he spoke with Soledad O\’Brien on CNN, that might be true or false. He didn\’t explicitly state that race was an issue, at least not in the same manner that Carter did.

Kyrie Irving Surpasses James As The Most Hated Player!


LeBron James has just suffered another defeat, which had nothing to do with the Los Angeles Lakers\’ subpar performance. According to a new report, he is not the most despised player in the NBA. Kyrie Irving, a guard with the Brooklyn Nets, currently holds the championship. Based on social media data gathered since the season\’s beginning, Irving came first, claims the gambling website BetOnline.

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