LeBron James Jason Kidd
LeBron James Jason Kidd Source: SBNation

LeBron James has been nothing short of a gift to the NBA. After the era of Michael Jordan, there were Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, who made the league famous all around the world. Then came the kid from Akron, Ohio, to take the league by storm. But who knew that kid would become the all-time leading scorer as well as the first player to reach 39,000 career points? Moreover, the records of LBJ speaks volume of his impeccable talent. He has been a big force of nature. And it does not seem there is anything that can stop him.

The King will turn 39 next December. But he’s playing like someone between 25 and 27. Moreover, to the utter delight of the fans, LeBron James would like to help the Lakers win more titles and also the inaugural in-season tournament. Lately, the Lakers lost to the Dallas Mavericks. But the head coach of the Mavericks was in all praise of the genius of LeBron James.


Why Was Kidd In All Praise Of LeBron James?

LeBron James Lakers Workout
LeBron James Lakers Workout Source: Sky Sports

Jason Kidd got to know LBJ well when he was the assistant coach of the Lakers. Prior to Wednesday’s game between the Lakers and the Mavericks, the latter’s head coach mentioned he’s jealous of LBJ. Moreover, Kidd said he’s jealous because of what James is able to do at this point of his age. Jason Kidd wonders if LeBron James can play until he turns 50. Moreover, the Mavericks coach knows that James takes good care of his body. But it’s more than just his body, as his mind plays a huge role in his immense success. Jason Kidd said LeBron James still feels young mentally.

Kidd also believes LBJ has a lot of energy that comes from his love of the game. On top of that, James also likes to prove people wrong. He proves that he can play at a high level even when he’s close to 40. Kidd said, “LBJ’s proving that now.” But Jason Kidd cannot stop marveling at the kind of champion LeBron James is. Moreover, the Mavericks coach said LBJ’s IQ is off the charts, and he always wants to play the game the right way. He knows that a million people are always watching him and may also want him to fail. But that doesn’t bother James as much as his love for the game.

What Separates LBJ From Other Players Currently In The NBA?

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: GQ

The Los Angeles Lakers need him to lead the side to their 18th title victory. Similarly, LeBron James needs the Lakers to provide him with a team that can help him win his 5th championship ring. That’s what motivates the King at 38. He almost announced his retirement at the end of the last season. But the passion to win and keep winning is what separates the greats. There can be no end to the GOAT debate, but what unites Jordan and James is their passion for the game of basketball.

During the last regular season, LeBron James said he felt great physically as he was running faster and jumping higher than most mid-twenty years old. Even in the current season, James is proving that he can surprise his fans. He believes the team has depth and balance. Hence, they have got a good chance to lift the trophy this season.